Westmont College Amenities

Safe and Supervised

Summerland California is safe and supervised, with brand-new dorms for Summer 2018 on the Westmont College campus. Counselors live in adjacent dorm rooms, within earshot of campers, and a security patrol ensures that our campus remains a completely safe venue where we can focus on having fun, changing habits, developing skills, and creating life-long, enduring change for campers.

Summerland California is located at Westmont College – what better place to learn new habits than a college campus!

At camp, young people imagine themselves being successful in college as they develop the self-regulation skills to manage their use of electronics.  When our campers become Freshmen in college, their daily routine has already been planned and practiced.  Simply put, we prepare campers for success in college and beyond.

Westmont Observatory

First-rate Learning Experiences

Not only do campers get to live in real college dorms to experience what college life will be like- campers also get to experience the benefits of college life such as access to athletic facilities and the Westmont College Observatory.  Campers can participate in public viewings on campus and see the Planetarium Show at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum.


Surrounded by peers who understand their need to change technology habits, Summerland California provides a beautiful and inspiring setting for campers to get a huge boost in confidence, make new friends, improve their health, and truly experience a life-changing summer.


Safe, comfortable and clean dorms on a real University campus!

Summerland California campers reside in college suite-style rooms.  We stay in the Global Leadership Center dormitory which has the following specifications:.

  • Each bedroom is 278 square feet (four ADA rooms at 317sqft)
  • Two xl twin beds (unless otherwise specified)
  • Two desks and two chairs
  • Built-in closets for two
  • Private bath with shower
  • Vanity/sink outside of bathroom for easy access
  • Air Conditioning (only residence hall on campus with this amenity!)
  • Upper floors with vaulted ceiling
  • External entrances
  • Elevator accessible
    Additionally, each floor has a large, multi-station shared kitchen and lounge space.  Summerland Campers have access to many outdoor gathering spaces across campus, in the gardens, and along pathways.

Summerland California Dorm & Campus Slideshow