We Are a Technology Habit Change Program for Boys

A healthy approach to technology usage

We are a technology habit change treatment program serving young adults ages 18-21. Our clinically sophisticated treatment program helps young people learn how to manage their screen habits using positive interventions in a supportive, fun atmosphere.

Our proven methodology has been featured in media outlets across the United States. We offer a summer camp, year-round adventure trips, and an online program for boys and girls, teens & young adults

Admissions Facts:

  • Clinically intensive adventure trips are available in the southeastern US from November to April.
  • Summer camp sessions are available in the Poconos from June to August.
  • Online therapy services are available 365 days a year.

Many families start with an online option and then transition to an in-person session when space is available.

Summerland is the leading Technology Habit Change Treatment Program for boys

Call us today at (800) 867-2090 to discuss your child’s needs.

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Our Locations

Summerland locations are seasonal as we seek to reconnect young people with nature and outdoor activity.

Adventure Trips: Our Southeastern US-based adventure trips occur during Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break from November through April. Activities include surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, camping, and more.

Summer Camp: Enroll at our Poconos summer camp from June to August. Campers receive screen habit change and self-esteem groups in a supportive atmosphere on our 350-acre resort-like campus.

Behavior Coaching: With our online option, your teen or young adult can learn about self-regulation and screen management strategies in the privacy of your home. We have a range of packages and counselors available.

Fun and Effective Treatment

According to a recent survey sent to over 100+ Summerland customers:

  • 94% of parents said they would recommend the Summerland Program to a friend
  • 90% of parents noticed a positive difference in their child after they had detoxed from screens
  • 84% of parents agreed their child’s problematic screen behaviors have decreased since attending the Summerland Camps program hosted at Camp Pocono Trails

Family Involvement 

Parents who enroll their child in a Summerland residential option receive a Family Workshop presentation conducted online. Parents receive training and helpful tips on making new online habits stick.

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