What Effect Does Video Game Disorder Have on My South Dakota Teen or Young Adult?

Video game disorder in South Dakota teens and young adults and young adults is very hard to treat. We offer effective treatment for teens and young adults from South Dakota with video game addiction, social media addiction, and cell phone/screen addiction.

In one surprising study, In one study 84% of addicted gamers were still addicted two years later, demonstrating how difficult gaming addiction is to treat. In the same study, 7% of online gamers were classified as psychologically or behaviorally dependent on online gaming.

This begs the question, “Why is gaming so addictive?” According to research in the Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 41% of people who play online video games do so as an, “escape from the real world.” Another risk factor is found in players with strong social motivation. Some games involve social obligations, where players have to work together. This can mean a player feels obliged to play along as the rest of the group wants to play. Farmville strives to ensure participation at regular intervals by making gamers dependent on each other for daily allotments of fantasy resources.

Putting together role play and social use in one game should yield a highly compelling game. World of Warcraft, a massive multiplayer online role-playing game, fits this description and is, anecdotally, pretty addictive.

There is much debate currently about the effect of video game violence on the real world. According to a study in Pediatrics, as much as 20% of real-life violence may be attributable to media violence. Why is this? Researchers speculate that there is a two-fold issue here. First, constant exposure to video game violence decreases our sensitivity to real-world violence. Seeing a fight at school might seem more normal to a child who has been exposed to ongoing video game violence, making them less likely to intervene or even more likely to instigate violence themselves.

Video Game Disorder: First Steps for South Dakota Families

The first step for South Dakota families is to sit down with their teens and young adults who have video game addiction and discuss their concerns. Our program can help plan your family intervention. Don’t criticize or blame. Simply express your concern and create a dialog about the topic. A teen will more likely change if the influence is positive and supportive versus critical in nature. Treatment for video game disorder starts with building empathy with the child and expressing genuine concern.

Agreeing on limits is a great next step to help South Dakota families that have a teen experiencing video game disorder. It’s important for the teen to understand the reason for the limits, however. Have the teen write up a contract with your input that outlines when they can have screen time, and begin the contract with a statement of purpose.

It’s very easy for parents of teens and young adults to fall into the habit of nagging. Nagging is the knee-jerk response to seeing a behavior you don’t like. But teens and young adults, in general, don’t respond well to nagging. Also, as we all know, as soon as the nagging stops, the teen’s behavior resumes.

A better approach is to acknowledge the issue and let the teen know you are there to talk about it when they are ready. Remember: the goal of changing technology overuse behaviors is not to police the teen into submission. The goal is to build intrinsic motivation- that is, to develop sufficient insight into where they see technology overuse is affecting their lives in a negative way, and the child, therefore, wants to limit their online recreational activity.

The Summerland Gaming Addiction Rehab Process:

Let’s have some unplugged fun!

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Signs of Video Game Addiction

Recognizing the signs of video game addiction is essential for early intervention:

Neglect of Responsibilities: Neglecting school, work, or household duties to play games.

Social Isolation: Withdrawing from real-life social interactions in favor of online gaming.

Irritability: Displaying frustration or mood swings when unable to play.

Loss of Control: Unsuccessful attempts to cut back on gaming time.

Neglected Hygiene: Disregarding personal hygiene due to excessive gaming.

Physical Health Issues: Developing sleep disturbances, poor posture, and other health problems due to extended gaming sessions.

South Dakota Teens and Young Adults Can Find Success at Our Gaming Addiction Help Center

Video game disorder is a serious issue in South Dakota. Fortunately, at Summerland Camps for Gaming Habit Change we help our campers build motivation by finding replacement activities that are healthy and more productive than mindlessly browsing the internet, watching YouTube, or playing endless hours of video games.

Video game disorder help must address change to be effective. There must be a change in old behaviors so that a new, more healthy lifestyle, can be developed. It is hard to cope with change without structure and consistency. That is one of the unique aspects of our video game disorder help center. Each student that enters our program is evaluated completely so that when their help is carried out, it addresses their own unique set of challenges

It’s been our experience that after the initial detox period, campers find replacement activities quickly and can transfer their feelings of success online to an offline world. Young minds are able to quickly adapt as routines and interests change- especially if there is peer support helping the teen along.

Who does Summerland Camps for Gaming Habit Change help?

Summerland Camps for Gaming Habit Change helps teens and young adults struggling with issues similar to those below:
– Poor Communication Skills
– Impulse Control
– Social Issues
– Anxiety
– Video game addiction
– Technology Addiction
– Family Conflict
– Depression
– Autism Spectrum
– Addictive Behaviors
– Social isolation
– Trauma
– School Refusal
– Low Self Esteem
– Social Anxiety Disorder


Gaming Addiction Help: Setting up Controls on Your Apple Computer and Phone

Apple brand products offer some of the best and hardest-to-get-around controls for parents.

You can learn how to set up parental controls for Apple products here: https://support.apple.com/kb/ph18571?locale=en_US

As a parent, you want your kids to have a safe and happy experience on the Mac. Using Parental Control preferences, you can manage, monitor, and control the time your kids spend on the Mac, the websites they visit, and the people they chat with. After you set restrictions for a child using a Mac, you can manage parental controls from a different Mac. Both computers must be on the same network.

Summerland Camps for Gaming Habit Change Helps South Dakota Families From Cities Such As:

Some examples of cities from South Dakota that may have families who could use Summerland Camps for Gaming Habit Change: Sioux Falls Rapid Hartford