Gaming Addiction Help Program that Serves New Hampshire Teens and Young Adults

We serve New Hampshire teens and young adults with gaming overuse or screen addiction issues. Our 24/7 overnight program is a viable solution for families seeking the very best option for their teen who overuses video games and related online habits (excessive YouTube watching, online pornography, social media).

Video game disorder help is becoming more common because video games are designed to be habit-forming. Overall, the video game industry generates over $100 billion dollars in revenue per year. Video game designers, like anyone else trying to make a profit, are always looking for ways to get more people playing their games. They accomplish this by making a game just challenging enough to keep you coming back for more but not so hard that the player eventually gives up.

At Summerland Camps for Gaming Overuse and Screen Addiction, we help teens and young adults learn how to live life in balance so that video games are not taking over your teen’s life. We are the premier video game disorder help program for teens and young adults who struggle with digital overuse behaviors including help for internet addiction, family discord, and social problems.

Summerland Camps for Gaming Overuse and Screen Addiction Provides Help for New Hampshire Teens and Young Adults

At Summerland Camps for Gaming Overuse and Screen Addiction, therapists, counselors, nutritionists, nursing, and activity staff all work together as a multidisciplinary team to help your child. By participating in a positive peer culture, campers learn how to socialize appropriately and interact in the real world without the use of screens. Over time we will reintroduce your student to screens in a slow, systematic manner.

We also work with families on how to manage your screen activity as a role model back home. One effective way to change screen behaviors in your child long-term is to role model. When having a conversation with your child, give them your full attention and be sure you are not also using your iPad or phone. Don’t check your phone when driving. Don’t check devices while at dinner.

Video game disorder help is only effective if the parents are role-modeling the behaviors they want to see with their child. Children will be more inclined to read if they see a parent reading. They will be more inclined to exercise if they see a parent exercising. Find a hobby or activity your child might be interested in doing where you can spend time together in lieu of video game playing or browsing the internet. Researchers also recommend replacing fast-paced recreational games with educational games.

The Summerland Gaming Addiction Rehab Process:

Let’s have some unplugged fun!

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The Urgency of Timely Video Game Addiction Treatment: A Call for Prompt Action

In recent years, the world has witnessed a dramatic rise in the popularity of video games, transforming them from a niche form of entertainment to a global cultural phenomenon. While many individuals enjoy gaming in moderation, an alarming number of people are falling victim to the grips of video game addiction. This issue demands our attention and necessitates timely intervention.

Understanding Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction, often referred to as Gaming Disorder by the World Health Organization, is characterized by an excessive and compulsive use of video games, leading to negative consequences in various aspects of a person’s life. Just like other forms of addiction, it can severely impact physical health, mental well-being, relationships, and overall quality of life.

Video Game Disorder: First Steps for New Hampshire Families.

The first step for New Hampshire families is to sit down with your teenager and discuss your concerns. Our program can help plan your family intervention. Don’t criticize or blame. Simply express your concern and create a dialog about the topic. A teen will more likely change if the influence is positive and supportive versus critical in nature. Treatment for video game disorder starts with building empathy with the child and expressing genuine concern.

Agreeing on limits is a great next step to help New Hampshire families that have a teen experiencing video game disorder. It’s important for the teen to understand the reason for the limits, however. Have the teen write up a contract with your input that outlines when they can have screen time, and begin the contract with a statement of purpose.

It’s very easy for parents of teens and young adults to fall into the habit of nagging. Nagging is the knee-jerk response to seeing a behavior you don’t like. But teens and young adults, in general, don’t respond well to nagging. Also, as we all know, as soon as the nagging stops, the teen’s behavior resumes.

A better approach is to acknowledge the issue and let the teen know you are there to talk about it when they are ready. Remember: the goal of changing technology overuse behaviors is not to police the teen into submission. The goal is to build intrinsic motivation- that is, to develop sufficient insight into where they see technology overuse is affecting their lives in a negative way, and the child, therefore, wants to limit their online recreational activity.

New Hampshire Teens and Young Adults Can Find Success at Our Gaming Addiction Help Center

Video game disorder is a serious issue in New Hampshire. Fortunately, at Summerland Camps for Gaming Overuse and Screen Addiction we help our campers build motivation by finding replacement activities that are healthy and more productive than mindlessly browsing the internet, watching YouTube, or playing endless hours of video games.

Video game disorder help must address change to be effective. There must be a change in old behaviors so that a new, more healthy lifestyle, can be developed. It is hard to cope with change without structure and consistency. That is one of the unique aspects of our video game disorder help center. Each student that enters our program is evaluated completely so that when their help is carried out, it addresses their own unique set of challenges

It’s been our experience that after the initial detox period, campers find replacement activities quickly and can transfer their feelings of success online to an offline world. Young minds are able to quickly adapt as routines and interests change- especially if there is peer support helping the teen along.

Who does Summerland Camps for Gaming Overuse and Screen Addiction help?

Summerland Camps for Gaming Overuse and Screen Addiction helps teens and young adults struggling with issues similar to those below:
– Social Issues
– Impulse Control
– Autism Spectrum
– Social isolation
– Technology Addiction
– Poor Communication Skills
– Family Conflict
– Addictive Behaviors
– Depression
– Trauma
– Video game addiction
– Anxiety
– Low Self Esteem
– School Refusal
– Social Anxiety Disorder

Gaming Addiction Help: Ensure Success with Online Tools

Ultimately, developing a child’s ability to self-manage their use of technology for entertainment should be the primary focus. However, if you are ready to try some lower-level interventions, here are some resources to help guide you:

Focus Me:

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StayFocusd increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites.

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