Change Your Child’s Behavior with the Most Popular Video Game Addiction Treatment Virginia

If you are interested in investing in your child’s positive behavior, come and visit our summer camp! We offer video game addiction treatment Virginia campers will adore because of the fun, incredible experiences, and adventures we have here!

The Purpose of Our Summer Camp

We are more than just a traditional summer camp, we are the most popular video game addiction treatment, Virginia, children and families enroll in because of the value we offer.

The purpose of our camp is to implant maturity, knowledge, and skills in our campers so they can fight with the modern distractions and frustrations such as gaming addiction, smartphone overuse, and etc. We offer an individual therapy, family component, and special aftercare services in order to make sure your child’s behavior is improved for good.

Why We Are the Best: Our Video Game Addiction Treatment Virginia Uses Different Approach

When searching for video game addiction treatment, Virginia, parents and other family members are usually frustrated at the lack of choices available. However, we can ensure you we are the best summer camp for your troubled child and teenager as we use a different approach: We focus on fun!

That is right! We believe that the best way to start the process of improvement is to build a real connection with the campers, and having unforgettable fun is a part of that process.

When we developed our video gaming addiction treatment, we knew that this treatment is more than just a method to solve your child’s gaming addiction. The treatment includes everything, from learning and developing skills to having fun and experiencing real camping adventures.

We have a ton of fun at our summer camp, it is up to you as a parent to decide whether or not you want the best treatment for your child!

Get in Touch with Us

We are a camp that guides troubled children and teens to new ways of communicating, interacting, and responding to the world! If you want your child to find his own way – invest in his or her behavior now! We can make a real and long-lasting change!

All you need to do is to get in touch with us. You can call us or email us and we will provide you will all the information you need!

Video Game Addiction Treatment Virginia Option

Summerland Camps offers a Poconos convenient for Virginia families.  The camp is an overnight camp, so parents will need to arrange for drop-off and pickup.  Participation in the family workshop which occurs during the last two days of camp is highly encouraged to get the most from your investment in video game addiction treatment.  We are a summer camp format option video game addiction treatment Virginia families appreciate as we are the only summer camp exclusively for video game addiction in the U.S.

The Best Video Game Addiction Treatment Facility for Virginia Families

Summerland Camps takes a revolutionary approach to video game addiction treatment Virginia families will benefit from.  We start by building rapport with our campers engaging them in awesome activities including rock climbing, hiking, and whitewater rafting.  We also do a wide range of skill-building activities in a team format including drama, art, and engineering projects like building, model rocketry, and drone flying!  You can read about the motivational experience here.

Video Game Addiction Treatment Components

Video Game Addiction Treatment Virginia VA

Best Video Game Addiction Treatment Virginia option (Photo from NPS.Gov)

Summerland Camps take a phase approach to treatment.  After we have engaged our campers, we move on to education on the psychological and physical effects of gaming overuse.  Many campers are surprised to learn about the damaging effects on the brain and ability to maintain attention that has been found for excessive gamers.

We ask our campers to choose life goals and begin the journaling and self-reflection process.  We guide our campers to become experts on systematic self-observation- that is, the practice of setting and executing daily chosen behaviors.

Therapy Component

One component about video game addiction treatment Virginia families will appreciate is the family workshop.  Being in close proximity, families can attend for the final two days to develop a treatment plan with clinical staff.  You child will be assigned a therapist to guide them through the clinical process.

One part of Summerland Camps that separates us from other options is our aftercare component.  You can read more about it here.

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