One Day at Our Summer Camp | Video Game Addiction Treatment Vermont

Our summer camp and video game addiction treatment Vermont focuses on helping young people overcome their gaming addiction problems! Discover how a day at the rehab summer camp goes!

All You Need to Know about Our Camp

Video Game Addiction Treatment Vermont VT

Create a Health Summer for Your Child: Video Game Addiction Treatment Vermont (photo credit)

You finally have a chance to change your child’s life and allow him to enjoy summer and experience amazing camping adventures while getting rid of the bad habits such as social media overuse, internet, and gaming addiction!

We are not just a typical summer camp where your child can play games all the time. We are much more than that! At our summer camp we offer unique and exceptional value with:

  • Materials and information for families and campers to support the commitment for change.
  • Fun experiences to generate interest in different exercises, activities, and sports.
  • Focus groups to educate campers about the negative effects of video games and screen time activities. All of the methods we use are research-supported and efficient, and they are applied by our competent and experienced mentors and counselors.
  • A family workshop to ensure parents have the right instructions to support their boys and girls back home.
  • Aftercare services to ensure the progress is maintained and contained forward after the camper leaves the camp.

How a Day at Our Summer Camp Goes

Our summer camp offers video game addiction treatment Vermont boys and girls love because of the interesting activities included in the program.

Each day is different here at the camp. Even though we have a strict schedule, the day sometimes may be different because of a planned upper or lower camp activity. Usually, these activities take the majority of the day. Our camp day activity trips may include zip lining, whitewater rafting, caving, rock climbing, and much more fun and exciting activities.

Our usual day starts at exactly 8 am with a morning walk. After the walk, we enjoy our breakfast where we discuss the schedule for the day. At 9:30 we have an activity group and at 12:30 we enjoy delicious lunch. After the launch, we have another activity group and at 6:00 we gather together for a dinner. At 9:00 we prepare for our bedtime routine and at 10:100 the lights go out.

Reserve a Space at Video Game Addiction Treatment Vermont

If you think we are a suitable place for your boy or girl, hurry up and reserve one space today!

Vermont video game addicton treatment cities of focus: Burlington, South Burlington, Colchester, Rutland, Essex, Junction, Bennington, Barre, Williston, Montpelier, St Johnsbury

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