The Most Popular Video Game Addiction Treatment Tennessee For Troubled Children and Teens

It is time to break your child free from video games! Discover more information about the most popular video game addiction treatment Tennessee troubled children and teens enroll in!

What You Should Know About Our Camp

Video Game Addiction Treatment Tennessee TN

We are the first summer camp for video game habits. We teach life skills in an effective manner! Video game addiction treatment Tennessee. (photo credit)

When searching for video game addiction treatment, in Tennessee, parents are usually frustrated at the lack of choices available. This is where we swoop in!

We are one of the best summer camps in the country for troubled children and teens ages 7-21 who experience difficulties in socializing, learning, excessive internet use, video gaming addiction, social media overuse, inactivity, and everything that goes along with it. Now you can finally break your child free from video games and other distractions and allow him to experience the best summer of his life!

Our summer camp is all your child needs at this point of his life! We help campers learn new skills and activities in a friendly, nurturing, and supportive environment. We also help campers to find new sports and hobbies to take place of video games and screen time. By focusing on various activities and games, campers develop significant interests in a wide range of activities they usually want to continue when they return home. Our professional mentors and counselors encourage campers to participate in team building groups, created to make a positive peer culture where campers communicate and interact.

Reasons to Join Video Game Addiction Treatment Tennessee This Summer

Here are few reasons why your child should join our video game addiction treatment Tennessee this summer:

  • Sport & Fitness – We offer both individual and team sports at our summer camp.
  • Clubs & Hobbies – We offer a magnificent range of hobbies and clubs, hoping campers will find new pursuits and activities they will want to engage in.
  • Water Fun – We organize fun water games.
  • Team Building – We include critical thinking and mechanical design skill activities in the team building groups at the camp.

So, if you think we are a suitable place for your child who has a gaming addiction problem and you want to offer your child the best summer of his life – register now! There are only a few places left, so hurry up and sign up the application form.

Tennessee areas for video game addiction treatment: Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, East Chattanooga, Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Jackson, Johnson City, Franklin

For additional questions or information about our phase progression or clinical process, you can contact our camp via phone at 800-365-0556.