Video Game Addiction Treatment for Tennessee Children and Teens Ages 12-21

We offer Tennessee youth ages 12-21 video game addiction treatment in several formats including year-round in-person, online, and summer camp formats. It is time to break your child free from video games! Discover more information about the most popular video game addiction treatment for Tennessee troubled children and teens.

What You Should Know About Our Video Game Addiction Treatment Programs

When searching for video game addiction treatment, in Tennessee, parents are usually frustrated at the lack of choices available.

We are one of the year-round in-person and online therapy options in the country for troubled children and teens ages 12-21 who experience difficulties in socializing, learning, excessive internet use, video gaming addiction, social media overuse, inactivity, and everything that goes along with it. Now you can finally break your child free from video games and other distractions and allow him to experience the best summer of his life!

For the summer camp program and our year-round adventure trips, we help participants learn new skills and activities in a friendly, nurturing, and supportive environment. We also help campers find new sports and hobbies to take the place of video games and screen time. By focusing on various activities and games, campers develop significant interests in a wide range of activities they usually want to continue when they return home. Our professional mentors and counselors encourage campers to participate in team-building activities created to create a positive peer culture where campers communicate and interact.

Reasons to Join Video Game Addiction Treatment for Tennessee Youth

Here are a few reasons why your child should join our video game addiction treatment for Tennessee youth:

  • Sport & Fitness – We offer both individual and team sports at our summer camp.
  • Clubs & Hobbies – We offer a magnificent range of hobbies and clubs, hoping campers will find new pursuits and activities they will want to engage in.
  • Water Fun – We organize fun water games.
  • Team Building – We include critical thinking and mechanical design skill activities in the team building groups at the camp.

So, if you think we are a suitable place for your child who has a gaming addiction problem and you want to offer your child the best summer of his life – register now! There are only a few places left, so hurry up and sign up the application form.

When Does My Child Need Video Game Addiction Treatment?

Determining when your child needs video game addiction treatment involves recognizing signs of problematic behavior and assessing the impact of gaming on various aspects of their life. Here are indicators that may suggest the need for treatment:

  1. Obsession with Gaming: If your child is constantly preoccupied with thoughts of gaming, talks about games incessantly, and prioritizes gaming over other activities, it may indicate an unhealthy obsession.
  2. Neglect of Responsibilities: When gaming interferes with daily responsibilities such as homework, chores, or extracurricular activities, and your child consistently neglects these obligations, it could be a sign of addiction.
  3. Social Withdrawal: A significant withdrawal from real-life social interactions, preferring online gaming over face-to-face interactions with friends or family, may be a red flag.
  4. Decline in Academic Performance: Noticeable drops in academic performance, missed assignments, or a decline in school engagement may be linked to excessive gaming.
  5. Changes in Behavior: If your child exhibits changes in behavior, such as increased irritability, aggression, or mood swings, it may be associated with their gaming habits.
  6. Physical Health Issues: Complaints of physical problems like headaches, sleep disturbances, or changes in appetite due to excessive gaming may indicate a need for intervention.
  7. Loss of Interest in Other Activities: A sudden loss of interest in hobbies, sports, or other activities that were previously enjoyed could be a sign that gaming has taken over as the primary focus.
  8. Lack of Control: If your child is unable to control the amount of time spent gaming or repeatedly fails in attempts to cut down on gaming, it may suggest a loss of control over their gaming behavior.
  9. Continued Gaming Despite Negative Consequences: Continued gaming despite experiencing negative consequences, such as strained relationships, academic problems, or physical health issues, is a clear indication of addiction.
  10. Attempts to Hide Gaming Habits: If your child becomes secretive about their gaming habits, hides the extent of their gaming, or lies about the time spent gaming, it may signal a problem.

We Offer Tennessee Families Multiple Video Game Addiction Treatment Options:

Summer Camp: Enroll 2 to 7 weeks at our summer camp. Campers receive bi-weekly screen habit change groups and weekly self-esteem groups in a supportive atmosphere.

Year-Round Adventure Trips: Our Florida and Georgia-based adventure trips occur during common school breaks including Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break. Activities include surfing/bodyboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, camping, and gourmet campfire cuisine. This trip is so much more than a tech detox. With two behavior coaching sessions per day and an online parent workshop, participants leave with the skills necessary to manage screens. Join us for a life-changing adventure from March through December.

Online Behavior Coaching: With our online behavior coaching option, your teen or young adult can learn about self-regulation and screen management strategies in the privacy of your home. We have a range of individual and group session packages available with licensed male and female counselors now available.

Tennessee areas for video game addiction treatment: Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, East Chattanooga, Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Jackson, Johnson City, Franklin

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