A Summer Camp About Change – Video Game Addiction Treatment New Jersey Your Child Will Love

Looking for a summer camp for your troubled teen? Look no further as your child will simply love our video game addiction treatment New Jersey!

Why We Are Your Best Choice

video game addiction treatment New Jersey

Ultimate video game addiction treatment New Jersey option (photo source).

We are an amazing summer camp for children and teens ages 7-21 who want to have the best summer of their life while learning essential life skills they can use back home and in school. Our video game addiction treatment New Jersey is specially designed to help children manage the use of smartphones, video games, online social media networks, and etc.

Through this treatment, your child will be able to solve his gaming addiction and focus on discovering the real purpose of his life.

About Our Specialized Summer Camp

There are many summer camps available in the country, but we are definitely the right choice for you? Why is that?

We are the most popular video game addiction treatment children and families enroll in because of our professionalism and capability to change children’ life.

We offer team building challenges in which all campers must work as a team in order to overcome certain obstacles, we offer incredible outdoor adventures, so your child can experience new activities, games, and sports, and we organize motivational groups which help children discover their purpose in life and help them shape their future.

How Serious is Gaming Addiction?

Gaming addiction is a pretty serious problem among children and teens of today’s society. If you as a parent don’t take an action now, your child will experience huge problems in the future. So, if you notice that your child uses electronic devices often, avoid doing homework or other responsibilities, and miss out on socialization opportunities, it is more than obvious your child needs special treatment.

At our workshops for video game addiction treatment, New Jersey, campers will manage to overcome these distractions and concentrate on meeting and communicating with other children, learning new skills, and having fun!

Take Advantage of Our Video Game Addiction Treatment New Jersey

If you want the best treatment for your child, and we assume that you do, come and visit our summer camp! You can meet our professional counselors and mentors and sign up your child to our special camp program!

Let’s give your child the best experiences and adventures of his life! We are waiting for you!    

New Jersey cities Summerland Campers come from: Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Edison, Trenton and more!

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