Video Game Addiction Treatment for New Hampshire for Young People 12-21

Summerland is a video game addiction treatment program for New Hampshire youth ages 12-21. Looking for a program where your child can socialize and try new experiences? Look no further as we offer affordable and effective video game addiction treatment for New Hampshire for young people!

We Change Lives

At our video game addiction treatment program, young people learn how to balance the responsibilities of daily life with the temptations of smartphones and video games. The parents won’t always be around to set limits on their children and that is why it is so important for children to learn the negative effects of playing video games, technology, and social media overuse. We are qualified to help campers develop the behavior and the skills needed to manage their electronic devices without any supervision.

We can have fun, build friendships together, support the family, experience incredible adventures, improve motivation, learn new things, and enjoy exciting activities!

Our program helps adolescents and teens get back in touch with reality. For all young people who have gaming addiction problems, we provide video game detox treatments while participating in exciting and fun activities. All campers spend their summer socializing, having fun, and reconnecting with nature.

Summerland’s Video Game Addiction Program Offerings for New Hampshire Youth:

We offer 3 main programs at Summerland:

Summer Camp: Enroll 2 to 7 weeks at our summer camp. Campers receive bi-weekly screen habit change groups and weekly self-esteem groups in a supportive atmosphere.

Year-Round Adventure Trips: Our Florida and Georgia-based adventure trips occur during common school breaks including Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break. Activities include surfing/bodyboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, camping, and gourmet campfire cuisine. This trip is so much more than a tech detox. With two behavior coaching sessions per day and an online parent workshop, participants leave with the skills necessary to manage screens. Join us for a life-changing adventure from March through December.

Online Behavior Coaching: With our online behavior coaching option, your teen or young adult can learn about self-regulation and screen management strategies in the privacy of your home. We have a range of individual and group session packages available with licensed male and female counselors now available.

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Video Game Addiction Treatment New Hampshire offers Video Game Detox

Video game addiction treatment New Hampshire is based on a coaching approach. We help young people discover their true life calling and through various classes on goal setting and organizational skills, they learn how to become more focused and self-regulated in their attitude. The campers learn how to balance their time spent playing video games with better and higher level life goals.

The best thing about our treatment is that it includes practical strategies to help campers stay on track with their commitment to make a positive change in their lives. We teach campers how to avoid temptations to overuse electronic devices and video games, how to set technology limits, and what to do exactly if they get off track.

We encourage campers to participate in individual therapy sessions and group discussions. We are proud to say that we have the best counselors and mentors on our team and they always act in the moment to help a camper or to practice new ways of solving things. They are always here for the campers and ensure they are completely safe and sound!

Give Your Child an Experience to Remember

If you want to change your child’s life and give them an to remember – submit an application now!

We support the familyimprove motivation, and grow in just one summer.

Let’s have fun!

New Hampshire video game addiction treatment areas: Manchester, Nashua, Concord, East Concord, Derry Village, Dover, Rochester, Salem, Merrimack, Keene

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