Video Game Addiction Treatment for Missouri Teens and Young Adults

No more video games, social media overuse, and social isolation! It is time to change your child’s life with the best video game addiction treatment for Missouri teens and young adults– the best treatment for a real change!

Welcome to Summerland Camps!  We are a therapy-based summer camp with locations across the US.  Our focus is habit change.  We use licensed therapists and have a fun and supportive atmosphere.  Campers WANT to attend our fun and exciting camp and parents love the changes they see when camp is over!

We are one of the only therapy-based camps in the US that offers support after camp is over.  We have a large online support community and aftercare is provided with every session, as are family workshops.

Video Game Addiction Treatment Options for Missouri Families

We offer 3 main programs at Summerland:

Summer Camp: Enroll 2 to 7 weeks at our summer camp. Campers receive bi-weekly screen habit change groups and weekly self-esteem groups in a supportive atmosphere.

Year-Round Adventure Trips: Our Florida and Georgia-based adventure trips occur during common school breaks including Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break. Activities include surfing/bodyboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, camping, and gourmet campfire cuisine. This trip is so much more than a tech detox. With two behavior coaching sessions per day and an online parent workshop, participants leave with the skills necessary to manage screens. Join us for a life-changing adventure from March through December.

Online Behavior Coaching: With our online behavior coaching option, your teen or young adult can learn about self-regulation and screen management strategies in the privacy of your home. We have a range of individual and group session packages available with licensed male and female counselors now available.

The Importance of Family Support for Gaming Addiction and Technology Overuse

Video Game Addiction Treatment Missouri

Video game addiction treatment Missouri friendly summer camp. (photo credit)

Parental support and involvement are essential for any program and treatment to produce successful results, and our mission is to be the best summer camp for troubled children and teens in the country. We provide parental education, resources, and family workshops, and we also offer aftercare services to ensure your child is working on his behavior and daily routine after leaving the camp.

We know from some reliable sources that the more families are involved, the better the results are going to be. We help parents at each step of the treatment by providing the support, education, and guidance to best support the children’s behavioral changes.

Workshops for Video Game Addiction Treatment Missouri for Families and Campers

At the family workshop, the parents will have a chance to gain extra skills and knowledge to set up the perfect structure for their children to use electronic devices and technology appropriately. We have a clinical team that provides families with information and guidance during the workshop. The family workshop occurs two days before you pick your child up.

At the workshop for video game addiction treatment, Missouri, campers have an opportunity to beat the distractions and frustrations of today’s society – gaming addiction, excessive internet use, social media overuse, and inactivity. We offer campers a chance to make a real change in their life. To put these distractions aside and focus on finding a real purpose. Before they visit our summer camp, most young people don’t think a fun camp therapy is possible, but they all change their minds once they spend a few hours, here at the camp!

At our camp, fun, adventure, and unforgettable experiences are guaranteed!

Sign Up Your Child for the Best Treatment

If you want the best for your child and we believe you do, sign him up to the best video game addiction treatment for Missouri teens and young adults. Help your son or daughter overcome their addictions and allow them to enjoy an amazing summer filled with happiness, friends, and fun!

We are the best choice for your troubled boy or girl! We can help them shape their future!

Why Invest in Video Game Addiction Treatment for your Missouri Teen or Young Adult?

Investing in video game addiction treatment for teens is a decision that should be made based on the individual circumstances and severity of the situation. However, there are several reasons why parents might consider addressing video game addiction sooner rather than later:

  1. Impact on Mental Health: Video game addiction can have significant negative effects on a teenager’s mental health, leading to issues like anxiety, depression, and social isolation. Addressing the problem early can prevent these issues from escalating.
  2. Academic Performance: Excessive gaming can interfere with academic performance. By seeking treatment early, parents can help their teens focus on their studies and prevent potential long-term academic consequences.
  3. Social Development: Video game addiction may hinder a teenager’s social development by reducing face-to-face interactions with peers. Timely intervention can support the development of healthy social skills and relationships.
  4. Physical Health: Extended gaming sessions can contribute to sedentary behavior, leading to physical health problems such as obesity and sleep disturbances. Addressing video game addiction early can promote a healthier lifestyle.
  5. Preventing Escalation: Addiction tends to worsen over time if left untreated. Taking action early can prevent the addiction from escalating, making it easier to address and manage.
  6. Family Dynamics: Video game addiction can strain family relationships. Seeking treatment early can help improve communication and strengthen family bonds.
  7. Educational Resources: There are various therapeutic approaches and resources available for addressing video game addiction. Starting treatment early allows parents and teens to explore and utilize these resources effectively.
  8. Digital Responsibility: Teaching teens about responsible digital behavior is an essential life skill. Early intervention provides an opportunity to instill healthy habits and a balanced approach to technology use.

It’s important for parents to assess the severity of their teen’s video game addiction and consult with professionals such as therapists, counselors, or addiction specialists for personalized guidance and support.

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