Video Game Addiction Treatment Mississippi Summer Camp!

If you want the best treatment for your child, come and visit our summer camp! We offer video game addiction treatment Mississippi for troubled children and teens ages 7-21!

Who Are We

We are a specialized summer camp for children and teens ages 7-21 who want to have unforgettable summer camping adventures while learning and developing various skills they can use back home.

We help campers who want to get rid of their gaming addiction problem and help them learn how to better manage the use of smartphones, video games, and online digital media.

Our environment is calm and friendly. We like to know each of our campers so we can understand their needs and offer the best treatment of approach possible.

Video Game Addiction Treatment Mississippi Can Change Your Child’s Life

Our summer camp offers video game addiction treatment Mississippi that can change your child’s life and help him shape his future!

The best thing about our camp and about this treatment is that we use a different approach. We are not like the other summer camps. We start the process of changing by building a real connection with the campers and having fun is only a part of the process. Learn more about a day in the life.

Video Game Addiction Treatment Mississippi MS

Video game addiction treatment Mississippi for teens. The best habit change camp anywhere! (photo credit)

We would like to show campers that through various games and activities it is possible to make a significant life change. That is why, when we set out to design the summer treatment to guide troubled children and teens, we wanted it all: beauty, adventure, climbing, whitewater, and etc. Our campers can enjoy hiking, rock climbing, zip-lining, whitewater, and caving opportunities abound. The point of these activities is campers to have fun, understand that smartphones and video games are not something that will help them in the future, and develop different skills that can use back home.

Sign Up Your Child Today

Social media overuse, video gaming addiction, inactivity, excessive internet use, and everything else that goes with it can become a thing of the past! So, if you want to help your child overcome these modern issues and create a real and positive change in his life – sign him up to our program!

We can have fun, build friendships together, support the family, experience incredible adventures, improve motivation, learn new things, and enjoy exciting activities!


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