Video Game Addiction Treatment for Minnesota Children, Teens, and Young Adults

We help Minnesota children, teens, and young adults with gaming addictions and related issues. Take action now! Sign up your child for our effective video game addiction treatment Minnesota, suitable for campers aged 7-21!

The Approach We Use for Video Game Addiction

At all of our programs, from our camp to our year-round options, children and teens learn how to balance the temptations of smartphones and video games with their daily responsibilities. The truth is that parents can’t and won’t always be there to set limits for their children, which means that they should learn how to do it on their own.

We use a different approach that helps campers develop the skills needed to control technology and video game use without parental supervision.

We offer a video game detox while participating in various fun, creative and fun activities. Through our effective video game addiction treatment Minnesota, we encourage campers to spend the summer socializing, moving, and reconnecting with nature.

Why the approach we use is different and why we are the most popular video game addiction treatment Minnesota, children and teens enroll in?

We are your best choice as we help campers to discover life calling, and through special classes on goal setting and organizational skills, the campers learn how to improve their behavior. They learn how to balance their time spent playing video games or surfing on the internet with higher-level life goals.

They also learn effective strategies to stay on track with the new commitment to change their lifestyle. We teach them how to avoid temptations to overuse smartphones and video games, how to set technology limits, and what to do if they get off track.

What We Offer for Video Game Addiction Treatment:

Year-Round In-person and Virtual Therapy Options are Available!

Sign Up Your Child to Our Video Game Addiction Treatment Minnesota for Children and Teens

If you want your child to have a normal life, to overcome his gaming addiction problem, to socialize more, to become more responsible, signing up to our special treatment is the best thing you can do.

We have family workshops through which we help parent set up a suitable home environment for a successful transition of the child. We do everything we can to help troubled children and teens in need!

Use our professional assistance and allow your child to experience the best summer of his life! A summer filled with new friends, funny memories, happy moments, unforgettable experiences, and crazy adventures!

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