Video Game Addiction Treatment Massachusetts: Register Your Child and Improve Their Future

If you are worried about your child’s future and his gaming addiction, stop, as we have a solution for you! Our summer camp offers video game addiction treatment Massachusetts, children and teens love because of the endless fun we have here!

What You Should Know about Our Summer Camp

Video Game Addiction Treatment Massachusetts MA

Looking for Video Game Addiction Treatment Massachusetts MA options?  We are the best! (photo credit)

We are a popular summer camp for troubled children and teens who experience difficulties in handling the frustrations and distraction of today’s life such as gaming addiction, electronic devices overuse, social isolation, anger, or depression.

Our behavior coaches and our therapists are highly capable of intervening and helping the campers overcome these problems so they can focus on making a real change in their life. An important part of the behavior change process is our specially designed video game addiction treatment Massachusetts, campers love because of the fun activities and games this treatment includes.

We believe that through fun, we can motivate and encourage the campers to focus on improving their overall behavior, how they live their life, set up goals, and develop new skills that will help them shape their future.

Workshop at Video Game Addiction Treatment Massachusetts

At our fun workshop for video game addiction treatment, Massachusetts, campers will have an opportunity to experience all kinds of activities, games, and exercises.

The campers can choose between these activities: Health and Fitness, Sports Skills, Dance, Yoga, Cooking, Paintball and Laser Tag, Drama and Arts, Fishing, Board Games, Model Rocketry and Robotics, Outdoor Adventure, Archery, Science and Engineering, Arts and Crafts, and others.

And these are the activities each camper must participate in Whitewater and Caving, Sing a Longs, Camp Olympics, Climbing Wall, Team Challenges, Skit Night, Dances, Swimming, Focus groups, Talent Show, Hiking, and Scavenger Hunt.

Campers start with traditional camp games and activities in order to build and interest and create an atmosphere of excitement and fun. We manage to learn new activities and skills together in a friendly and supportive environment and overcome the issues such as gaming addiction and social isolation easier.

Register Your Child Today

If you like our concept of working, the games, and activities we organize, take and action and register your child today!

We are here to help your child socialize and try new experiences! Let’s make this summer count! We are waiting for you!

Massachusetts cities Summerland Camper come from: Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Cambridge

To speak with an expert on MA video game addiction, call 800-365-0556 or use the contact form here.