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Video gaming addiction can cause real problems for Louisiana teens and young adults. Put an end to it and help your child live a normal life starting with a structured program.  Our therapy programs offer video game addiction treatment Louisiana children and teens love! Discover why!

Video Game Addiction Treatment Louisiana LA

Video game addiction treatment Louisiana teens love in a supportive family friendly setting (photo credit)

Why We Are Your Best Choice

We are not a traditional summer camp where your child can play games all the time. Even though fun, adventures, and exciting activities are part of our concept of working, we focus more on helping children in needs.

We are a specialized summer camp for treating children and teens ages 7-21 who experience difficulties and problems such as gaming addiction, internet and technology overuse, and anti-socialization. We have designed special programs that can help your child overcome these distractions by focusing on learning new skills, meeting and communicating with new friends, establishing meaningful relationships with the people from the camp, setting future goals, and a lot of other things.

Our mission is to help young people learn how to balance internet and screen time activities with home, school, and work. We see technology as a useful tool and a very important component of modern life, but we also know from experience that its overuse can bring serious consequences.

As parents, our most important job is to support and guide children towards adulthood with the skills and tools necessary to become kind, responsible, and successful human beings.

Our summer camp offers video game addiction treatment Louisiana, which parents love as it effectively prepares children and teens to live in a world surrounded by technology and screen-based activities.

We are your best choice as we provide a reset opportunity and a technology detox in a nurturing summer camp setting. All campers experience, move, and connect with nature and with each other.

What We Offer for Video Game Addiction Treatment:

Year-Round In-person and Virtual Therapy Options are Available!

How Video Game Addiction Treatment Louisiana Can Help Your Child

Through this treatment, we help campers overcome their gaming addiction problem and the negative effects this addiction may have created. Usually, children and teens that overuse smart devices have become dependent on them for stimulation and entertainment. A lot of socialization opportunities have been missed out on and they lost their ability to structure their time.

Sending your child to our camp and taking advantage of our treatment is the best thing you can do for your child! We can change your child’s bad habits so he can be successful in school, college, and beyond.

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