Video Game Addiction Treatment Illinois

You can finally learn how to better manage the utilization of smartphones and video games for Illinois teens and young adults! Read about our video game addiction treatment Illinois!

Video Game Addiction Treatment Illinois

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What We Offer for Video Game Addiction Treatment:

Year-round in-person and Virtual Therapy Options are Available!

Summer Camp and Year-Round Options

Our summer camp was founded on the concept that change is best accomplished through various activities like zip lining and games and not under pressure. It’s just one of several programs we offer. We also have year-round trips and online therapy available 365 days a year.

Our summer camp offers incredible programs that can solve gaming addiction. One of our best treatments is our special video game addiction treatment Illinois which can help you shape your life and encourage you to make a positive change and build new positive habits.

Through this treatment, we will help you develop a special schedule to plan your day, week, or month. By using a planner, all campers can learn how to organize better and focus on their most important daily activities.

Every camper who has a gaming addiction problem participates in Behavior Change Group which includes a professional and specially trained counselor. The campers are led through various insight-oriented activities and exercises where they count the costs of hours of playing video games and imagine the advantages of investing their time and energy in more productive things. Occupational, educational, and social effects are included in our special video game addiction treatment Illinois!

Take an Action Now – Video Game Addiction Treatment Illinois

Did you know that gaming addiction is a serious problem among teens and young adults?

Did you know that 20% of real life violence and crime may be related to media violence and violent video games?

All of these studies show that gaming addiction can be a very common problem, and if you don’t take an action now, it can become much more serious.

The mission of our summer camp and the reason why we’ve created our special video game addiction treatment is because we want to teach our campers how to deal with the frustrations and distractions of today’s modern life.

We can guarantee you amazing results and most importantly we can offer you endless fun, incredible experiences, unforgettable adventures, and a summer to remember!

If you want to deal with your gaming addiction – take an action today and come and visit our best summer camp!

Illinois campers come from Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, Springfield and more!

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