Video Game Addiction Treatment Idaho Offers the Best Approach

Our specialized video game addiction treatment Idaho offers the best approach and methods for troubled young people! Help your child overcome his gaming addiction problem! Come and visit us!

Why We Are the Best Video Game Addiction Program for Your Child

The reason why we the best choice for your child is because we are not a traditional summer camp where your child can sit or play games all the time. The adventures, the endless fun, and the incredible activities are part of our program, but we are also focused on teaching and helping young people in need.

Video Game Addiction Treatment Idaho ID

Adventure awaits for Idaho video game addiction treatment campers! (photo credit)

We focus one support the family, having fun, improving motivation, and learning new things.

We are a specialized camp for treating troubled young people ages 7-21 who experience modern problems and difficulties such as internet and gaming addiction, anti-socialization, and technology overuse.. We are the most popular choice among parents as we use the best approach and methods that can help children overcome these distractions by focusing on meeting and communicating with new friends, learning and developing new skills, setting future goals, and establishing meaningful relationships with our counselors and mentors at the camp.

The mission of our summer camp is to help children and teens learn how to balance screen time activities and social media use with school, college, home or work. We all see technology as a helpful tool and an extremely important element of today’s life. However, we know that its overuse can cause a serious problem.

So, avoid any consequences and take an action now – take advantage of video game addiction treatment Idaho!

What We Offer for Video Game Addiction Treatment:

Year-round in-person and Virtual Therapy Options are Available!

Video Game Addiction Treatment Idaho Uses Different Methods and Approaches

We can ensure you that your child will walk out of this camp as a completely different person. How do we know that? Well, because we use different methods and approaches, we use behavioral coaching!

At our workshops for video game addiction treatment, Idaho, children will enjoy the different methods we use. We take a positive approach and instead of lecturing the children in their behaviors, we present them the negative effects of technology and digital media overuse. Through this approach, we want to encourage and inspire campers to make behavioral change.

If you want to support your child – now is the right time! You can get in touch with us via phone or e-mail and discover how to submit an application!

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