Video Game Addiction Treatment Hawaii Improves Attitude, Behavior, and Motivation

Improving attitude, behavior, and motivation is what we do best at our video game addiction treatment center for kids and teens from Hawaii. Sign up your child for our video game addiction treatment Hawaii for children and teens!

About Our Summer Camp

We are a specialized summer camp for children and teens, ages 7-21 who experience problems and difficulties such as gaming addiction, internet addiction, social media overuse, and other related issues. We are a camp that enhances attitude, behavior, and motivation. We can have fun, build friendships together, support the family, experience incredible adventures, improve motivation, learn new things, and enjoy exciting activities!

Video game addiction treatment Hawaii

Looking to change your child’s life for the better? Video game addiction treatment Hawaii teaches young people how to live in balance with electronics (photo credit)

Just imagine your child riding down a whitewater river with his new friends or preparing to see the inside of a mountain, experiencing new adventures, and exploring the world around him. Isn’t that fun? We want to get our campers excited about all life and nature has to offer. From team activities in science, drama, and more – your adolescent, teen, or young adult will sample some of the fun options for sports, hobbies, and career pursuits. We can shape your child’s life and help him get rid of the bad habits.

The campers experience all of these activities at our campus where they can also get motivated and excited about their future.

What We Offer for Video Game Addiction Treatment:

Year-round in-person and Virtual Therapy Options are Available!

Video Game Addiction Treatment Hawaii for Troubled Adolescents

Our summer camp offers video game addiction treatment Hawaii – specially designed for troubled adolescents who want to overcome their problem with gaming addiction and focus on something else.

As part of our treatment, we present how the meaning you assign to various interactions decides how you respond. We would like to show our campers that it is the actions in life that determine how high one can go. Adolescents who are always negative and think that it is someone else’s fault usually get nowhere in life. We want to change this attitude and give these campers motivation and support so that they can do so much more in life.

Our positive culture at our summer camp helps even the most resistant adolescents get on board with the behavior-changing process. For those campers who struggle, we have a professional and highly qualified therapist who conducts individual therapy sessions to get into the problem behind the gaming addiction and technology overuse issue. Learn more about a day in the life.

Your child will be in great hands!

If you want the best treatment for your troubled child or teen, give us a call, and reserve a space now! We are here to help!

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