Video Game Addiction Treatment Georgia Youth Camp Age 10-21

Looking for video game addiction treatment Georgia options? Summerland Camps help Georgia families and struggling youth across the southeast by providing summer camp behavior change help for a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, social isolation, and video game/internet gaming addiction.  We are the best resource for video game addiction treatment Georgia families with our Western North Carolina location- a short drive from Atlanta.

Summerland has 3 options helping families by providing corrective experiences in a highly structured setting.  We have highly trained behavior coaches licensed in their area conducting group behavior change sessions geared to build insight and develop the coping skills of our campers.

Our most popular options include:

Year-Round Adventure Trips: Our Florida and Georgia-based adventure trips occur during common school breaks including Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break. Activities include surfing/bodyboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, camping, and gourmet campfire cuisine. This trip is so much more than a tech detox. With two behavior coaching sessions per day and an online parent workshop, participants leave with the skills necessary to manage screens. Join us for a life-changing adventure from March through December.

Online Behavior Coaching: With our online behavior coaching option, your teen or young adult can learn about self-regulation and screen management strategies in the privacy of your home. We have a range of individual and group session packages available with licensed male and female counselors now available.

We also have a summer camp option available for 2 to 7 weeks of treatment.

The Best Summer Camp Offers Special Video Game Addiction Treatment Georgia: Take Action Now

Looking for a summer camp or a fun wilderness program? Look no further and come and visit us! Sign up to our special video game addiction treatment Georgia and have a summer to remember!

How to Find the Best Gaming Treatment Program for Your Child

Finding a suitable camp program for your child is a challenging task! Allow us to help you!

Regardless of whether you are looking for a boot camp, a therapy camp, or a wilderness program, you have come to the right place! We are the best summer camp in the country and now we offer a special video gaming addiction treatment that can help your child deal with its gaming addiction problem.

Our special video game addiction treatment Georgia is created by professionals and experts who know exactly how to help children, teens, or young adults who experience problems such as violent behavior, social media overuse, video gaming addiction, inactivity, excessive internet use, etc.

This program is definitely the best one we can offer you at our summer camp. However, if you think that this program is not suitable for your child, allow our professional counselors to help you find another camp program with different activities and exercises that are more suitable for your child’s problem, age, or interest.

All you need to do is to complete our online form and after completing the contact form, you will be automatically redirected to our free guide. This free guide will help you match your child, teen or young adult to the best therapy program available at our camp.

About Our Special Video Game Addiction Treatment Georgia: The Phase Progression

This treatment includes several phases of progression:

  • Technology Detox – At this phase, we don’t focus on separating the campers from their devices. Instead, we focus on having fun.
  • Education – We watch movies, read articles, and explore the effects of screen time overuse.
  • Skill Building – This is the phase where campers develop various interests in different skills.
  • Insight and Coping Skills – Usually, this phase is done continuously throughout the program.
  • Technology Re-Introduction – We use this phase to take a revolutionary approach to screen time overuse.
  • Home Transition – We prepare campers for a successful transition.

So, if you like our special video game addiction treatment Georgia and you think it is the best way to deal with gaming addiction – come and visit our summer camp!

The Best Video Game Addiction Program for Georgia Youth

At Summerland, we frequently accept students from and/or welcome students who attend:

Prayer Mountain Boys Academy.  This academy is a year-round, faith-based program for adolescent boys struggling with anger, defiance, minor substance abuse, and other destructive choices. We will gladly accept students from Prayer Mountain provided they have shown significant progress and can be successful in a less restrictive environment.

Brandon Hall School.  This program is an independent school in Atlanta that offers both day school as well as boarding school for its students. It is located in Dunwoody, GA, and is co-ed.  We will also gladly accept students from Brandon Hall to Summerland Camps.

Darlington School.  This is an academy located in Rome, Georgia in the foothills of the north Georgia mountains, and has been around for about a century.  Students are pre-K to 12th grade and also serves as a boarding school for students in 9th to 12th grade.

Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School.  This is a boarding school located in Rabun Gap, Georgia, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School is a private boarding and day school for boys and girls in grades from fifth through twelfth.  They offer baseball, basketball, football, tennis, swimming, and volleyball.   We have worked with students from Rabun Gap-Nachoochee and they do well at our program.

Riverside Military Academy.  This program is located in Gainesville, GA, and enrolls boys from grades 7 to 12 who are trained academically, and athletically, and undergo leadership development.

Shepherds Hill Academy.  This is a therapeutic academy with a Christian, co-ed with ages of 12-17 who have gotten off track in life.

Tallulah Falls School.  This school is an independent, co-educational boarding and day school located in a beautifully wooded setting. Tallulah Falls students, as with other students and families from Georgia, are most welcome at Summerland Camps.

Transition Back Home

We provide support for the transition back to home or boarding school after camp.  Our Family Workshop are geared to help with this transition and mark the end of the phase progression through the help of the behavior coaching process at camp.  We are the best video game addiction treatment Georgia option.

Georgia video game addiction treatment cities: Atlanta, Columbus, Augusta, Macon, Savannah

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