Video Game Addiction Treatment Florida FL

Searching for video game addiction treatment Florida options?  Summerland Camps now have options for Florida families!

Special Video Game Addiction Treatment Florida for Teens and Young Adults

Is your child addicted to video games or social media? We are the #1 provider of video game addiction treatment based in Florida!

Offering Outpatient Therapy and Inpatient Detox Treatment in Florida!

Summerland Camps is the only provider of outpatient and inpatient treatment options for video game addiction, social media overuse, and screen habit change in Florida. Many families chose to start with our Adventure Trips or Summer Camp and then move their child to outpatient therapy sessions once or twice per week. These outpatient therapy sessions are conducted weekly or bi-weekly, along with a potential group therapy session. Please click here to learn more about online behavior coaching.

Florida Adventure Trip for Screen Habit Change

Join Summerland Camps for the adventure of a lifetime! Our Fall-Spring 1 to 2-week adventure trips focus on reconnecting with nature while detoxing from screens in sunny Florida! Campers learn new strategies to manage their screen time while experiencing the fun and excitement of outdoor adventure activities including:

  • Having fun is part of our process on Summerland Adventure Trips!


  • Camping
  • Surfing & bodyboarding
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Mountain biking
  • Canoeing & kayaking
  • Geocaching
  • Orienteering & Wilderness Survival

Learn New Skills While Having a Blast!

Summerland behavior coaches and licensed therapy staff accompany the adventure trip and are present 24/7. Groups are conducted up to twice per day, meaning your camper will receive 12 sessions during a typical 6-night, 7-day adventure course.

Welcome Florida Campers!

We provide a total reset from gaming and online activities.  We help camper re-discover what’s great about being a kid again.  We do traditional camp activities and get them excited about their futures.  We help them plan goals and reset their lives in a positive way.  We just scientifically supported interventions for behavioral change.  Planning and tracking behaviors is one of the main focuses of camp.

If you would like to discuss admission or reserve a spot, please contact us at (800) 867-2090

The Summerland Video Game Addiction Treatment Process:

Let’s have some unplugged fun!

Introduction to Our Video Game Addiction Treatment Options

In addition to our Florida-based adventure trips, we also have summer sessions which occur in a variety of locations in the southeast. Please call us or click here for upcoming sessions.

We live in a modern society where gaming addiction is a very common problem. Most parents would agree that if an action is not done now, the children are headed in the wrong way. So, are you ready to take action now?

Our summer camp offers special treatment for troubled children, teens, and young adults who want to make a positive change in their lives. We teach our campers how to live and have a normal life without the constant distractions of smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices and technologies. We don’t teach them to avoid technology, after all, we can’t exclude technology from our lives, but we encourage them to socialize more, hang out outside, be a part of group projects and meetings, etc.

Through our special video game addiction treatment in Florida, we teach them how to limit their gaming addiction and behave properly in a normal and modern environment. Our summer camp is the first camp for troubled children, teens, and young adults that focuses on social media misuse and online gaming.

Why Parents and Campers Love Our Special Video Game Addiction Treatment Florida

We are more than just a traditional summer camp! All parents and campers love our special video gaming addiction treatments because we are having so much fun and through various games and activities we manage to make a positive change in your child’s life. In other words, we use different approaches that have amazing end results!

When visiting our summer camp, fun, adventures, and unforgettable experiences are guaranteed! We have an excellent setting in the mountains which allows us to enjoy amazing and fun activities. On the camp, we have a Frisbee golf course, hiking, rock climbing, zip-lining, whitewater, and caving opportunities. We all participate in fun team-building activities that have an underlying value.

Get Started Today!

So, if you are ready to create a real change, if you want to solve your gaming addiction problem, take advantage of our best video game addiction treatment in Florida.

Remember, we are not just a camp, we are a fun summer camp to guide troubled children, teens, and young adults!

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Best Option for Video Game Addiction Treatment Florida

The best video game addiction treatment Florida option is Summerland Camps.  In fact, we are presently the only summer camp video game treatment option on the East Coast we know of.

Florida parents are encouraged to attend the family workshop which is done online.  While not mandatory, it will give you the tools you need to ensure your child is successful upon the transition home.

We focus on teaching campers how to create goals, and then how to break these goals down into daily tasks.  We teach organizational skills and time management skills and talk about the dangers of unchecked time spent playing hours upon hours of video games and browsing the internet.

There is no better location for learning these skills than in a college setting.  It boils down to transferring skills back home.  Our PA location enables campers to learn skills that will prepare them for college and life.

Florida video game addiction treatment cities: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee

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