Video Game Addiction Treatment for Delaware Kids and Teens

If you want to help your child or teen overcome his gaming addiction issue take advantage of our expert video game addiction treatment Delaware, Help is available now!

What You Should Know About Us

If you are looking for the best camp for your troubled adolescent, look no further as we are the best camp you can find!

We are a summer camp for troubled boys and girls ages 7-21 who want to enjoy an adventurous and fun summer while learning and developing new skills at the same time. We are a perfect place for children and teens who want to learn how to manage the use of video games, online digital media, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. In other words, we are a camp for young people who experience gaming addiction, avoid responsibilities, and don’t want to socialize with other people of their age.

Video Game Addiction Treatment Delaware DE

Video game addiction treatment Delaware: we help Delaware teens learn to live with technology  (photo credit)

Although we are focused on helping children overcome these modern issues and distractions, we are also a specialized and educational summer camp that teaches campers how to find their real purpose in life and focus on activities, hobbies, and sports they are good at!

What We Offer for Video Game Addiction Treatment:

Year-round in-person and Virtual Therapy Options are Available!

Workshops for Video Game Addiction Treatment Delaware for Parents and Campers

Our summer camp organized family workshops where parents and other family members have an opportunity to achieve extra tips, knowledge, and skills to set up the ideal structure and environment for their boys and girls to use electronic devices appropriately. The workshops usually are organized two days before you have to pick your camper up.

At the family workshop for video game addiction treatment, Delaware, all campers of all ages have a chance to overcome their frustrations and distractions of today’s modern society – excessive internet use, gaming addiction, inactivity, and social media overuse. Our main mission is campers to make a real positive change in their lives. We want them to put all these frustrations and distractions aside and concentrate on changing their lifestyle and behavior. Before they visit our camp, the boys and girls don’t think that fun camp therapy is real, but they all change their minds once they spend a few days, here at our summer camp, surrounded by positive and friendly people!  We have an incredible aftercare program as well!

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