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We are an internet video game addiction treatment Colorado program providing effective and scientifically based treatment for youth 7-21.  Taking a positive approach, we seek to motivate and inspire our participants using a scientific methodology consisting of behavioral coaching, goal setting, and group and individual therapy.  We also introduce our participants to a wide range of fun and exciting activities to get them off the couch and re-invest in life.  Simply put, we help our participants find themselves again.

Video games have been around for a while but only in the last 15 years have studies of Internet gaming addiction emerged and internet video game addiction treatment Colorado programs have only recently emerged in the treatment community.  Some take an abstinence or 12-step approach.  We believe our approach is better.  Our internet video game addiction treatment Colorado program consists of education on the harmful effects of excessive gaming, goal planning, and then learning how to live our lives in balance with digital distractions and our life goals.  Simply put, an internet video game addiction treatment Colorado program should teach participants to live in balance.  An abstinence approach simply cannot work in modern society where screens are everywhere.

Peer-review research demonstrates the negative consequences of excessive gaming, associated risk factors such as social isolation, depression, work, and school interference- and the prevalence of the disorder.  However, until recently no internet gaming addiction camp existed in the United States.

Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMOs) offer the possibility to play together with many other players and appeal to adolescents and teens for the social aspect.  Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs), on the other hand, appear of particular interest to players because they offer a variety of incentives for play relative to other game genres.  MMORPGs allow players to achieve game goals, be social, and immerse in the game.

The etiology (that is, how the disorder was formed) of Internet gaming addiction has yet to be researched by psychologists in detail.  Preliminary research indicates that a number of risk factors are associated with Internet gaming addiction including certain personality traits, gaming motivations, and structural game characteristics.  Individuals with gaming addiction often report a relationship breakdown with the family, lack of time for family or other recreational activities, and a decrease of educational achievement.  Internet video game addiction treatment program components should always consider family dynamics in treatment, which is why Summerland Camps offers a comprehensive family component to the treatment process.

Video Game Addiction Treatment Colorado CO

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It’s Our Job as Parents to Intervene

As parents, our main duty is to help our kids navigate the hazards of the environment.  The world is much different today, and the environment has changed dramatically in the last 15 years.

Summerland camps can help.  Not only can we help your child learn to use technology appropriately, we can help them develop healthy goals and learn how to self-regulate their behaviors in a way that enables balance in life.  We are the best internet video game addiction treatment program available.

Video Game Addiction Treatment Colorado Options

Video Game Addiction Treatment Colorado Suitable for Children with Serious Gaming Addiction Problems

You think your child has a serious gaming addiction problem? Visit our recovery summer camp and video game addiction treatment Colorado for video game addicts!

What You Should Know About Us

At our summer camp, we focus on young children and teenagers who need a reset in life. Usually, most of the campers we serve have fallen off track and they forgot about who they truly are. Our mission is to bring our campers back to the outgoing, vibrant, and creative person they are inside.

From our professional experience, we strongly believe that all young people are capable of change and sometimes just resetting relationships and stepping away from their home environment is the thing to get an adolescent or a teen back on track.

Our summer camp offers the best video game addiction treatment, Colorado, suitable for young people with serious gaming addiction problems and we are proud to be the only summer camp focused on technology overuse issues.

We work with young people who need to learn how to keep a balance in their lives and how to practice coping skills. Medication is not always the answer. While there are specific medications that can help with focus and depression, there is no such pill that can teach a person a coping skill or present a new way of looking at life.

This is where we step in! With our professional knowledge and experience, we manage to lead the campers and show them the right way!

How to Stop a Gaming Addiction Problem

Gaming addiction is a serious problem among children and teens in today’s modern society! Visiting video game addiction treatment Colorado at the right time can significantly improve your child’s behavior and put an end to his distraction, anger, social withdrawal, and attention deficit.

If you want to make your child’s life better and to stop his gaming addiction problem, submitting an application today is the best thing you can do.

We know how to handle these campers and show them that through various games, activities, and exercises they can discover a whole new world of possibilities. We help children develop and master new skills and find their real purpose in life!

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