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We help kids, teens, and young adults from California with video game addiction and cell phone overuse issues. Are you ready to change your child’s life? Take action now and enroll in our video game addiction treatment program!

Gaming addiction can be a real problem these days and as parents, it is our job to take care of our children, show them the right path, and guide them to independence.

Why Your Child Could Benefit from Video Game Addiction Treatment California

If you think your child is spending too much time on the smartphone or other electronic devices, now is the perfect time to take action. You can’t allow this gaming addiction to get out of control and turn it into a daily habit.

How to know if your child has a gaming addiction?

Here are some questions you need to ask so you can see if you should take action and use our special video game addiction treatment California:

  • Does your child often uses smartphones or other electronic devices and doesn’t respect the limits you set?
  • When your child is left alone, does he or she uses electronic devices over taking care of its responsibilities such as doing homework, cleaning the room, and etc.?
  • Does your child avoids socialization with other children of its age or doesn’t want to go play outside and engage in activities?
  • Has your child’s responsibilities fallen off because of the utilization of electronic devices?

If most of your answers are YES, it means that your child is having a gaming addiction and you need to do something as soon as possible!

Video Game Addiction Treatment California CA

We offer 3 main programs at Summerland:

Summer Camp: Enroll 2 to 7 weeks at our summer camp. Campers receive bi-weekly screen habit change groups and weekly self-esteem groups in a supportive atmosphere.

Year-Round Adventure Trips: Our Florida and Georgia-based adventure trips occur during common school breaks including Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break. Activities include surfing/bodyboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, camping, and gourmet campfire cuisine. This trip is so much more than a tech detox. With two behavior coaching sessions per day and an online parent workshop, participants leave with the skills necessary to manage screens. Join us for a life-changing adventure from March through December.

Online Behavior Coaching: With our online behavior coaching option, your teen or young adult can learn about self-regulation and screen management strategies in the privacy of your home. We have a range of individual and group session packages available with licensed male and female counselors now available.

Our special video game addiction treatment for California campers is perfect for children who want to better control the utilization of smartphones, video games, and online digital media in general.

So, if you are looking for the best summer camp for your child, look no further as we can definitely tailor to your needs and shape your child’s future!

Come and visit us! Let’s all build happy memories and experiences together! We are waiting for you!

Technology Addiction Treatment That’s Fun!

Online Therapy for Video Game Addiction and Social Media Overuse

We have a team of qualified, licensed therapists that specialize in video game and social media addiction ready to meet online with your child for sessions 1 to 3 times per week.

Components of our online therapy (behavior coaching) include:

  1. Personalized Assessments: Summerland Camps online behavior coaching begins with a thorough assessment of the individual’s technology usage patterns, identifying the triggers and underlying causes of addiction. This personalized approach enables coaches to tailor interventions to suit each individual’s specific needs.
  2. Goal Setting and Accountability: Coaches work with clients to establish realistic goals and action plans to reduce technology usage with their Behavior Planning Journal (BPJ). Regular check-ins and accountability mechanisms keep clients on track and motivated to make positive changes.
  3. Cognitive Behavioral Techniques: Online behavior coaching often incorporates cognitive-behavioral techniques to challenge negative thought patterns and cultivate healthier habits. By identifying and modifying automatic reactions to technology stimuli, individuals can gradually regain control over their behaviors.
  4. Stress Management: Coaches help clients explore healthier coping mechanisms for stress and boredom, reducing the need for escapism through excessive technology use.
  5. Time Management and Productivity: Learning to manage technology use more efficiently can lead to increased productivity and a better school-life or work-life balance. Coaches assist clients in optimizing their technology habits to enhance productivity and focus.
  6. Digital Detox Strategies: Coaches guide clients through digital detox strategies, gradually reducing screen time to help break the cycle of addiction.
  7. Relapse Prevention: Technology addiction recovery is not always smooth sailing. Coaches equip clients with strategies to prevent relapses and handle setbacks, empowering them to sustain long-term behavior change.
  8. Parent Education and Involvement: Coaches work with parents by communicating the child’s progress and providing parenting strategies when appropriate.

Addressing cell phone addiction in teenagers requires swift action for several compelling reasons:

Critical Development Stage: Adolescence is a crucial period for cognitive, emotional, and social development. Unchecked cell phone addiction can impede these developmental milestones, potentially leading to long-term negative consequences.

Formation of Habits: Teenagers are more susceptible to forming addictive behaviors due to their still-developing impulse control mechanisms. Nipping cell phone addiction in the bud can prevent the entrenchment of harmful habits.

Long-term Well-being: By addressing cell phone addiction early, parents can set the stage for a healthier and more balanced relationship between their children and technology, fostering better mental and emotional well-being in the long run.

Effective Strategies for Cell Phone Addiction Treatment

Open Communication: Establish a non-judgmental and open dialogue with your teenager about their cell phone use. Encourage them to share their experiences, challenges, and feelings related to smartphone usage.

Set Healthy Boundaries: Work together to establish clear guidelines for screen time. Encourage designated “phone-free” times, such as during meals and before bedtime, to promote quality family interactions and improve sleep quality.

Role Modeling: Be a positive role model by demonstrating balanced smartphone use. Show your teen the importance of disconnecting and engaging in offline activities.

Alternative Activities: Encourage your teenager to explore hobbies, sports, and other interests that don’t involve screen time. Providing engaging alternatives can help divert their attention from their phones.

Seek Professional Help: If cell phone addiction is severe and negatively impacting your teenager’s well-being, consider seeking professional help. Therapists or counselors with expertise in technology addiction can provide valuable guidance and support.

As responsible parents, addressing cell phone addiction in teenagers is a pressing concern that cannot be ignored. By acting promptly and implementing effective strategies, you can help your teenager strike a healthy balance between the digital world and real-life experiences. Remember, your active involvement and guidance play a crucial role in shaping your teenager’s relationship with technology and ensuring their overall well-being.

California video game addiction treatment focus areas include: Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Fresno, Sacramento

To learn about the Summerland Program call (800) 867-2090 to speak with a therapist now!
Video Game Addiction Treatment California CA

Video Game Addiction Treatment California CA

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