Video Game Addiction Treatment Alabama

Finally, a suitable place for your child to overcome their gaming addiction! The specialized video game addiction treatment Alabama is open for troubled young people to find their real purpose in life!

When searching for video game addiction treatment, Alabama, parents are usually annoyed at the lack of choices available! However, our program opens the doors for all game addicts from the country!

You can finally sign up your child to our camp and help him overcome his gaming addiction problem!

Who Are We

We are a specialized summer camp with a revolutionary approach that solves social withdrawal, internet gaming addiction, and other related issues. We invite all campers ages 7-21 to use our scientifically supported treatment and create a long-lasting and real change.

We help troubled children and teens find their own purpose in life. We encourage them to concentrate on the skills and talents they own and to set up strong goals for their future.

The safety of the campers is our top priority, here at the camp. That is the reason why we cannot accept any camper with a certain history of physical aggression and violence towards other people. So, if your child has even been expelled or suspended for assaulting another person, then we would not be the most suitable program for their needs. We cannot risk having a camper who is violent and aggressive and put in danger our whole community. We work hard to build a calm and friendly environment where all campers can have fun, enjoy our games and activities and meet new friends.

What We Offer for Video Game Addiction Treatment:

Why Campers Love Our Video Game Addiction Treatment Alabama

Our camp offers video game addiction treatment Alabama campers love it because of the wide variety of games and activities included in the program.

Campers can choose between these activities: Arts and Crafts, Science and Engineering, Outdoor Adventure, Board Games Cooking, Dance, Health and Fitness, Archery, Model Rocketry and Robotics, Fishing, Drama and Arts, Paintball and Laser Tag, Yoga, and Sports Skills.

These are the activities each camper must participate in: Hiking, Swimming, Dances, Talent Show, Whitewater and Caving, Focus Groups, Climbing Wall, Camp Olympics, Sing-a-longs, Skit Night, and Team Challenges.

If you like our camp, our program, our specialized treatments, and the activities we offer, sign up your child today! We cannot wait to meet you!

Summerland Camps is a popular summer option for Alabama families with adolescents and teens experiencing social isolation, depression, anger, and video game overuse.  Parents seeking Video Game Addiction Treatment in Alabama come to Summerland Camps as the closest and most affordable option available. While Summerland Camps currently do not have an Alabama location, we are in close proximity and many campers from Alabama attend our Western North Carolina location each year.  We get campers from a variety of boarding and day schools in Alabama seeing a behavior change camp for internet gaming disorder, social isolation, anger management, and more.

Video Game Addiction Treatment Alabama AL

Video Game Addiction Treatment in Alabama (Image credit here)

We also offer a family workshop online while your child is at camp.  Many families coordinate the short drive from Alabama with a family vacation.

Treatment Options for Video Game Addiction in Alabama:

We are located in North Carolina, but we proudly accept campers from Alabama and schools such as:

Columbus Girls Academy.  This academy is a residential school for teenage girls who are struggling with life-controlling issues or addictions, resulting in poor grades, poor choices, and general misbehavior.

Alabama School of Fine Arts.  This is a fine arts school located in Birmingham, Alabama, is a co-educational public school for grades 7-12.

Alabama School of Math & Science.  This is a high school for students to learn advanced math and science topics, laying a solid foundation for successful STEM careers later.

Indian Springs School.  This is an academy located in Indian Springs, Alabama, which is about miles from downtown Birmingham.

Lyman Ward Military Academy.  The Academy is located on a 300-acre plot and is an all-boy private military program.

St. Bernard Preparatory School.  This is a Catholic Christian school for grades 7 through 12 on a 800-acre campus is located in Cullman, Alabama.

Video Game Addiction Treatment Alabama Opens the Doors for Teens

Summerland Camps welcomes students from Alabama to explore our Western North Carolina location this summer.  If you seek Video Game Addiction Treatment in Alabama Summerland Camps is you closest location.  The location makes it easy for families to attend our family workshop as well.

Alabama video game addiction treatment cities: Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile city, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, Dothan, Decatur, Auburn City, Madison, and more!

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