Specialized Summer Camp | Video Game Addiction Treatment Oregon Offers Professional Help for Children and Teens

Video Game Addiction Treatment Oregon OR option

Video Game Addiction Treatment Oregon OR option (photo credit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oregon)

Our specialized summer camp and video game addiction treatment Oregon focuses on helping children and teens overcome their gaming addiction problems! Sign up your child today!

What We Do: The Mission of Our Summer Camp

We are a behavior change camp for young people who want to find their real purpose in life. We offer our professional assistance to children and teens who struggle with digital and technology overuse behavior. Our camp offers special programs and treatments for video gaming addiction, social media addiction, smartphone and technology addiction, and internet addiction.

Our mission is to help children and teenagers overcome these addictions and focus on something more productive such as a certain sport or hobby. Through various activities, games, and exercises, we organize here at the camp, we manage to help campers set specific goals and shape their future in the right way.

Video Game Addiction Treatment Oregon Uses Different Approach: Behavioral Coaching

At our camp workshops for video game addiction treatment, Oregon campers will enjoy the different approach we use. We are not like the other traditional summer camps. We are much more than that. We are focused on both learning, changing, and having fun.

We take a positive approach and instead of lecturing the campers in their behaviors, we teach them on the negative effects of digital media and technology overuse. Usually, most of the campers are surprised to learn that video games create structural changes in our brains and this has been proven through several neural imaging studies.

Through our treatment, we seek to inspire and encourage our campers to make a behavioral change. By using our special approach, we discuss and comment on certain life goals with all of our campers. Each camper is required to develop various goals, starting from family goals to career pursuits, educational goals, health and fitness goals, and purpose in life goals.

The truth is that most young people have never thought about this, but once they visit our camp, they realize that this is something that will help them develop into successful and responsible human beings. Our counselors and mentors are here to motivate them and encourage them until they accomplish their goals.

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