Screen Addiction Survey

Not sure if your child has a problem with overusing video games, smartphones, or digital devices?  Take the survey below to see our recommendations for next steps.  Once you click “submit,” results will be available on the next page.

My child has a preoccupation or obsession with Internet games.

My child has had a loss of interest in other life activities, such as hobbies due to screen activity.

My child has continued overuse of Internet games even with the knowledge of how much they impact a person’s life.

My child has lied to others about his or her Internet game usage.

My child spends more time playing with friends online as opposed to face-to-face.

If left alone, my child would play video games or play on their device even when homework or chores need to be completed.

As a parent, I have to tell my child to stop their screen-based activities on a regular basis, otherwise, they would play all day.

My child often becomes agitated when told to get off their digital device.