Spring Break & Summer Trips for Teens with ADHD

Summerland Camps offer trips for teens with ADHD over spring break and summer months.

Summerland is the ONLY Florida-based adventure travel program for teens with ADHD. Our focus is on building self-regulation skills and the self-management of screen-based activity including video games, social media, and cell phone overuse that often plague teens with ADHD.

Summerland Camps is a leading choice for teens with ADHD and co-occurring issues in the heart of Florida’s pristine wilderness.

Spring Break Trips for Teens with ADHD

Summerland Camps offers spring break trips for teens with ADHD. Enroll your teen in a Spring Break like no other! At Summerland Camps, we go beyond the ordinary by offering two daily group sessions focused on self-regulation skills. Watch as your child masters goal setting, time management, and mindfulness techniques, laying the foundation for a more balanced and empowered future.

Our spring break trips cover the most common spring break times from early March through the end of April. For a complete list of dates and itineraries please click here.

Summer Trips for Teens with ADHD

Summerland Camps offers a range of summer trip itineraries from a single week to multiple weeks over the summer.

Navigating adolescence with ADHD can present unique challenges, and that’s why enrolling your teen in a structured summer camp like Summerland offers unparalleled advantages:

  1. Routine and Predictability:
    • Stability breeds success: Teens with ADHD thrive on routine. Our structured camp environment provides a predictable schedule, creating a sense of stability and reducing anxiety for campers.
  2. Skill Development for Life:
    • Beyond academics: While traditional education focuses on academics, our camp goes beyond. Teens acquire crucial life skills like goal setting, time management, and mindfulness – tools that are essential for success both in and out of the classroom.
  3. Engaging Outdoor Activities:
    • Nature as a therapeutic tool: Our camp takes teens to the great outdoors, offering a break from screens and an opportunity to engage in adventurous activities. Outdoor experiences have been shown to improve focus and reduce ADHD symptoms.
  4. Professional Guidance and Support:
    • Trained staff for tailored assistance: Our team is not only well-versed in child development but specifically trained in handling ADHD. Your teen receives personalized support, ensuring they feel understood and empowered throughout their camp experience.
  5. Building Social Skills:
    • Peer connections: Interacting with peers who share similar challenges fosters understanding and builds a supportive community. Our structured camp environment encourages socialization, boosting your teen’s confidence and interpersonal skills.
  6. Increased Self-Esteem:
    • Achievement and recognition: Our camp emphasizes recognizing and celebrating individual accomplishments. This positive reinforcement contributes to a boost in self-esteem, helping teens develop a more positive self-image.

For a complete list of dates and itineraries please click here.

Unlock a Transformative Spring Break or Summer Experience with Summerland Camps!

Is your teen struggling with video game and cell phone overuse, craving an adventure-filled Spring Break or summer? Look no further! Summerland Camps present an exciting opportunity for teens with ADHD to break free from screens and embrace the great outdoors.

What Sets Us Apart?

  1. Empowering Self-Regulation: Our camp offers two daily group sessions focusing on essential self-regulation skills. From goal setting and time management to mindfulness techniques, teens develop strategies to navigate the digital world responsibly.
  2. Unleash the Adventure: Picture this – hiking, biking, surfing, snorkeling, and even shark fishing! Our Spring Break trips take teens to Florida’s best state parks and beaches, including Marco Island, Venice Beach, the Ringling Museum, St Augustine, and Kennedy Space Center.
  3. Expert Guidance: Trained staff specializing in ADHD and child development provide constant support. Safety is our priority, with a licensed EMT accompanying each trip.
  4. Proven Success: Our recent Parent Satisfaction Survey speaks volumes – over 90% noticed a positive change in their child after Summerland, and 96% were satisfied with their child’s behavior coach. Join the many families who’ve witnessed transformative results!
  5. Special Offers: We believe in making a positive impact accessible. Enjoy a 10% discount for multiple weeks and a generous 15% discount for military families.

Transformative Experiences Await – Reserve Your Teen’s Spot Now!

Call (800) 867-2090 to learn more and secure a Spring Break or summer trip filled with growth, adventure, and positive change for your teen!

Participants enjoy hiking, camping, and adventure-based sports on our Florida spring break and summer adventure trips.

Advantages of our Florida Adventure Trip Program for Teens with Video Game Addiction and Cell Phone Overuse

Embark on a transformative journey with Summerland Camps’ Florida Wilderness Therapy trips, designed to liberate teens with ADHD from the grip of video game and cell phone addiction. Our innovative approach combines the breathtaking beauty of the Florida wilderness with expert therapeutic interventions, providing a unique and immersive experience for lasting change. Imagine trading screens for sunsets and virtual worlds for the vibrant ecosystems of the Sunshine State.

Teens with ADHD not only break free from digital dependence but also rediscover the joy of authentic connections, build resilience, and develop crucial life skills. Our experienced team tailors each adventure to address the specific needs of participants, fostering personal growth and empowerment. Break the chains of technology overuse and embrace the enriching journey towards a healthier, more balanced life with Summerland Camps.

Navigating the challenges of ADHD can be a journey, and a structured therapeutic trip with Summerland Camps over spring break or summer offers a tailored approach to ensure your child not only copes but thrives. Beyond traditional academic skills, our therapeutic approach emphasizes crucial life skills. Goal setting, time management, and mindfulness become tools your child can carry into their everyday life.

Summerland Campers participate in traditional summer camp activities while developing the skills needed to transition back home and be successful. The self-esteem component is required for all campers as we have found that self-esteem tends to be a route issue for the participants we serve. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of your child attending Summerland please give us a call today.

Value Components Summary

Summerland Camps offers the first and only summer camp environment for screen time overuse.  We help with a scientifically based curriculum to address excessive internet gaming, X-Box, handheld devices, social media, and virtual reality overuse.

There are other programs that claim to help address internet gaming addiction, social media overuse, and so on.  However, for most of these programs, it’s more of an afterthought, an add-on to their other therapy offerings.

We are unique in that screen time overuse is our primary focus, with social problems, frustration, anger, and anxiety being related to the screen overuse habit.  We don’t just gloss over the digital media issue, we hit it head-on.

Our positive focus is as unique as our location.  Because we are rooted in self-monitoring methodology, we stay focused on creating goals and the behaviors it takes to achieve these goals.  We don’t see your kid as, “broken.”  They just have some bad habits, and habits can be unlearned, and new habits can be learned in their place.

We focus on screen-based activities.  This generally means internally focused issues co-occur like anxiety, depression, and poor social skills.  A lot of our campers also have problems with ADD / ADHD, and could benefit from learning how to stay organized and work on goals.

Other programs claim to help with gaming overuse, but you risk mixing your child in with drugs, alcohol, bullying and violence issues.  Also, because other programs have such a wide focus, the therapy becomes quite diluted.