Treatment for Video Game Addiction and Tech Overuse Involves Lifestyle Change

It takes commitment to change your life.  Not only do you have to stop current behaviors, you have to find replacement behaviors which serve a similar purpose.  Effective treatment for video game addiction and related technology overuse issues should always target the reason for the overuse habit and a healthy replacement behavior.

For example, campers that were playing 4+ hours of video games per week will need to find new ways to occupy their time.  Campers that were overusing social media will need to find new ways to interact and socialize- or to fill the void in their life social media was filling.  Treatment for video game addiction and related tech overuse issues for teens is best achieved by creating a total lifestyle change.  If a young person was using gaming to fight boredom and socialize, they might join a sports team for example to meet these same needs.

When it comes to the effect digital media has on our lifestyles, here are the facts:

Health and Fitness


According to the CDC, 30% of children in the U.S. are overweight or obese with increased screen time activity being a significant contributor.

Outdoor Play

In a survey conducted by the YMCA, 58% of parents said their children spend fewer than four days a week playing outdoors.


In the same survey, 74% of children were found to not get enough exercise on a daily basis.

Changing Habits is Key in Treatment for Video Game Addiction and Tech Overuse

Adapting regime of healthy eating and exercise is one best things our campers can do going forward.  Getting up off the couch and moving will not only keep you healthy, it will make you feel better.

At camp, we will introduce campers to a variety of sports and activities they might choose to continue when they go home.  Each morning we start with a morning walk.  We use pedometers to monitor physical activity to ensure daily exercise goals are being met.

Monitoring Activity After Camp

After camp is over, campers track their activity either using regular pedometers or activity trackers like Fitbit or Garmin wristband.  Counselors continue to support and encourage camper when they go home.  Occasionally, we might have a step contest during the winter where campers compete for a t-shirt or other prize as an incentive to keep up with their daily step counts.

Not only does keeping active keep us in good health, it helps with making us feel better as well.  Finally, keeping active re-affirms commitment.  It’s a daily reminder of who we are and the changes we have committed to.  This is why physical health and nutrition is a part of the Summerland Camp process.

treatment for video game addiction

Effect treatment for video game addiction involves changes to diet and activity