Team Building Challenge

At Summerland Camps we value socialization and the opportunity to problem solve as a group.  The benefits of team building activities are numerous.

We create inter-dependent groups of campers that must rely on each other to overcome obstacles and compete against other groups.  Many of our campers are quite gifted at mechanics, science, and engineering (Minecraft expertise is a plus here for sure!).

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We engage campers with opportunities to problem solve with other campers in a group format.  Frustration, arguments, and group conflict become “grist for the mill” in our insight groups as we find opportunities to intervene in the moment and build insight.

Some campers benefit from Team Building Challenges because previous time devoted to playing video games means they have fallen behind socially.  For these campers, the benefit is from practicing coping skills, conflict management skills, and social skills.  For some campers, the Team Building Challenges are an opportunity to develop leadership skills.

Teams are comprised to compete in a variety of challenges.  A typical Team Building Challenge can involve:

  • As a team, create a robot using supplied materials to climb the highest grade compared to other teams.
  • Create a landing pod that will simulate the Mars Lander.  An egg will be placed in your lander.  The team whose lander can withstand the highest drop wins.
  • Using just 2 sheets of paper, 10 inches of tape and 2 paper clips, build the highest tower you can create.  Sketch your design first, and all team members must significantly contribute to the design and construction of the tower (see video below).
  • Your team must create a bridge that crosses a two-foot span with materials supplied including spaghetti noodles and rubber bands.  The team whose bridge that can support the most weight wins (see video below).
  • Create a rocket using materials supplied that can travel to the highest distance compared to other teams.
  • Create a remote-controlled robot what will “battle” with the opposing team.  The last robot in the circle still moving wins.

Spaghetti bridge challenge.

Paper Tower Challenge

Wilderness Program Alternative

Sometimes parents contact us at Summerland Camps also considering Wilderness based programs.  The essence of a Wilderness program is that campers form inter-dependent groups that must rely on each other.  These dynamic gets campers interacting and socializing with each other and a “positive peer culture” is formed.

We create the same culture at Summerland Camps by providing team building camp activities where each participant is a valued member of the team.  Campers interact, socialize, and discover there are better ways to occupy their time than by screen-based activity alone.  We also offer aftercare services at Summerland Camps, which many Wilderness programs do not.

Ultimately, it’s out of human interaction that people change.

Most parents fail at changing screen time behaviors by simply limiting screen time and taking a punitive approach.  At Summerland Camps we seek to create change from inspiring the camper from within, not forcing changes from the top down.  In most cases, parents have already tried this strategy and it has proven ineffective.

The benefit we have over Wilderness programs is that we can create the same inter-dependent group focus with our team building camp activities, but we do it in such a positive atmosphere.  Because we are in University dormitories, we have access to a wider array of sports, hobbies, and world-class workout facilities.  We also can use our location as a base to explore the area and conduct special trips.  Also, campers can shower, and have 3 nutritious meals a day plus snacks.  We can do so much more than Wilderness programs as a result.