Summer Camp for Troubled Youth

At Summerland camps we provide a fun summer experience along with therapeutic over site focused on behavioral change.  We take a positive approach to change behavior and developing insight based on scientific research.  Most summer camps for troubled youth take a punitive approach which only results in a child pushing back.  We seek to engage our campers, meeting them on common ground with fun and engaging activities.  Our clinical approach is positive too, as we focus on changing behaviors the same way professional athletes motivate themselves.  A summer camp for troubled youth doesn’t have to be boring or harsh- in fact, we believe the best way to engage campers is by creating excitement and a positive outlook for the future.

Treatment for Video Game Addiction

Summerland camps was created as a researched based, behavior coaching option for adolescents and teens.  We are the primer summer camp for troubled youth treading video game and screen time addictions.  Before Summerland camps was created, there were no summer camps specifically targeted for the video game and technology overuse epidemic that plagues the youth of today.

It’s unfortunate that habit forming is not taught in schools today.  We expect out kids to use school computers, bring electronic devices to schools for contacting home or even school use- but no training is given on self-regulating our internet or technology behaviors.  That is where Summerland Camps comes in.

Gaming addiction can lead to social withdraw, depression, and have an effect on school and job performance.

Help is Available for Gaming Overuse

We can help young people with a variety of issues co-occurring issues including anxiety, depression, low frustration tolerance and more.  We use interventions base in science.  Our counselors are trained by a Ph.D. specializing in behavioral change.

Best of all- the methodology for behavioral change can also be applied to positive pursuits.  The same self monitoring skills we teach in group behavior change can be used to form healthy habits to get in shape, save for a purchase, or improve grade.

Often campers tell us learning the skills they formed in camp created knowledge of how to build healthy habits to last a lifetime.

Please contact us today with any questions about the program.

Summer Camp for Trouble Youth participants from from: North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC)Tennessee (TN),