Test Your Limits with Rock Climbing!

First and foremost, we take safety seriously at Summerland Camps. We use Certified Instructors and Guides to lead our climbing trips.  We also focus on fundamentals, so our camp is ideal for those whole have little or no climbing experience.

Further, we would never require a camper to do something they are uncomfortable with.  We will gently push and encourage participation, but if a camper is not comfortable with climbing, it’s not a requirement.  However, it has been our experience that after watching friends at the camp climb, most if not all campers eventually want to give it a try!

Self Esteem Building Camp

Rock climbing is a truly awesome experience.  Campers often remark that they feel great after making it to the top of a climb.  They were able to do something they never felt possible- and that just maybe they can overcome other obstacles at home if they just apply the same effort and work at the problem one step at a time.  We are truly a self-esteem building camp.

The video below demonstrates some of the fantastic views we get to experience at camp.  Of course, our climbing routes are substantially tamer than what is featured in the video.  Because we focus on fundamentals, the goal of climbing it to teach the basics of safety, and some the technical aspects of rock climbing technique.

Hiking and the Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail essentially follows the state line between North Carolina and Tennessee.  We hike several trails in the area.  One trail nearby starts at the Sam’s Gap Access Point and is the closest accessible place on the Appalachian Trail from our camp base.

This is a relatively easy hike for just under 2 miles.  We typically end at High Rock for a boxed lunch and enjoy the spectacular open mountain view of the Bald Mountain Range.  Big Bald is the highest elevation in Madison County at 5,516 feet above sea level.

From Sam’s Gap on the Appalachian Trail, Devils Fork Gap is 8.2 miles and Spivey Gap (in Tennessee) is 13.6 miles.

Below is a video from an Appalachian Trail “thru-hiker” meaning they will hike from Georgia to Maine (or vice versa).   We love meeting thru-hikers on the trail!  This video is at the Big Bald area just north of our North Carolina camp.  Note: the “trail magic” the hiker is talking about is a term for a “random act of kindness” you experience on the trail.  We love to create “trail magic” for the thru-hikers we meet- meaning we bring extra water and snacks for the thru-hikers we meet.  Creating trail magic is a therapeutic experience and part of our self-esteem building camp process.