Teen Video Game Addiction

Teen Video Game Addiction: Where to Start?

When first presented with a teen video game addiction problem, parents are often at a loss of how to start addressing the issue.  The knee-jerk reaction is to punish or take away access to electronics.

However, this is not always a practical idea.  Teenagers today are commonly required to use laptops in school or to bring a smartphone in order to look up answers for in-class work.  Teenagers also use smartphones to take a snapshot of math problems or other examples written on the blackboard.

The other issue is that just limiting electronics does nothing to prepare your child for college or adulthood where they will have unlimited access to digital media.  An abstinence-only approach simply does not work.

Ultimately, there has to be a better way of limiting your teenager’s video game addiction than to just block all electronics use.  At Summerland Camps, we have solutions!

Addressing Teen Video Game Addiction: Start with a Talk

Start by talking to your child and express your concerns.  Parents are often surprised to learn that if you ask your child how much time they should be allowed to play video games, they frequently will give a reasonable answer.

The problem is that teenagers get caught up in the moment and favor instant gratification over long-term rewards such as doing better in school.  Creating and helping your teenager stick to an agreed-upon schedule is one way to start.

How Summerland Camps Help Teen Video Game Addiction

At Summerland Camps, we help your teen by teaching a scientifically backed process called, “systematic self-monitoring.”  Teenagers set long-term goals and set appropriate weekly schedules so that they can achieve these goals.  We help your child decide the amount of time they can devote to digital recreation and still achieve their dreams.

Providing research and factual information on the effects of video game addiction and digital media influence is also critical.  Most young people have no idea that violent video games affect how you think and feel about others.  We provide them with research supported evidence along with positive information on video games- such as how educational games can improve learning, or certain types of games can improve fine motor skills.  It’s important to take a balanced and factual approach when helping a teenager make a positive decision on changing behavior.

Teen Video Game Addiction: What you can do Today

If your teenager is consumed by video games, you can start by enrolling in Summerland Camps by calling us at 800-365-0556.  Even before the summer session begins, we can set your teen up with resources to begin now.  Your child can access our online support system as soon as we receive your deposit.

The more habits are practiced, the harder they are to change.  If your teenager is addicted to video games, now is the time to act.  Please give us a call today at 800-365-0556 or click here to get in touch.