Snack on this NOT that…

Snack on this NOT that…

Have you noticed that when watching TV or playing video games we tend to choose salty processed snacks?  As adults, we have become used to eating quick unhealthy snacks often in the evening when we are tired and want to just grab a snack and sit down.

Your Role as a Parent

As a parent, you must remember that your habits are likely to be passed down to your children.  While grabbing that quick bowl of chips may be easy, what are the long-term consequences?  If you add to the equation hours of mindless screen activity where calories few calories are burned, that “easy” snack can result in health problems that make life very difficult.

Start by limiting screen time and use a kitchen timer to track it.  Then, involve your kids as much as possible in the selection of healthy snacks- watermelon, for example, is loved by almost everyone, and it has very low caloric density.

The more a child feels in control of their food choices, the more they will be willing to part with those salty, high-fat snack choices.

Advice from Lisa DeCamella, Nutrition Specialist at Summerland Camps

I am a busy Mom with two kids and have seen my own children settle into a TV show or play a handheld video game and just mindlessly eat a bowl of chips.  Did they learn this from watching me and is this the best choice for my kids?   I started to look at my families habits and realized I needed to change up our unhealthy snacks and routines.  

I decided to get my kids involved and asked them to help me in select some items from the produce section of our grocery store. We came home that evening and made a fruit salad and vegetable tray with dip.  After dinner, we went outside for a family walk and then came into a nice refreshing fruit salad.  We spent time in the kitchen talking and laughing and before we knew it it was time for bed.  I sent my kids to bed on a full tummy full of fruit instead of salty chips.  The next day we went to the park and came home to our pre-made veggie tray and dip.  

All in all the changes we have made as a family have helped us choose healthy snacks and activities over process snacks and sedentary habits.

It’s a win-win for all of us – happy snacking & feeling great !!

Mom of Two
(Dominic age 7)  & (Michelina age 11)