Investment in your child 

Investment in your child

Most of the leadership staff at Summerland Camps have worked in therapeutic boarding schools and summer camps for two decades.  Regardless of the focus of the camp; weight management, tech addiction, or behavioral issues, we’ve all noticed that therapeutic based programs seem to help bring focus into many areas of the campers life.

While parents often call us and ask for help in one particular area, such as gaming addiction, when they pick up their child or come for a family workshop they find that their child is different in several ways.  They may be more articulate, seem more engaged, and makes more eye contact.

Seeing benefit across the board

Kids that may have been introverts now have a large circle of good friends, take more pride in their appearance and want to participate in a talent show or performance. While there is a larger challenge that we help family tackle, like digital addiction, the small changes we make to get there have lasting effects in other areas.

It is also a powerful message to children when their parents invest time and money to help them make changes. It shows them that they are important and that you care about their future. This may sound ridiculous, of course, all parents care about their kids, but in today’s world, we cannot express it enough.

A study led by Vanderbilt University, published last month in Pediatrics reports a more than doubling from 2008 to 2015 of school-age children and adolescents hospitalized for suicidal thoughts or attempts.  We live in a world now where we are connected 24/7.  Yet we are not always present and aware and our children are feeling disconnected.

Teens can easily get caught up in a circle of feeling awkward and isolating that can quickly spiral down.  If you notice that your child is struggling with a negative habit getting help for it can help not only break that cycle but bring light to other areas to help them not fall back into unhealthy patterns.  If you want to learn more about our cognitive behavioral therapy approach please call Summerland camps today.