Distance to gain perspective

Distance to gain perspective

Have you ever felt like a different person on a vacation?  Like you could try some things new, take up a new skill, eat new foods and just be different than how you are back at home?  This is part of what makes vacations so great, that you get to be freer, to break from your routines and live a little.

The same is true when you are trying to make sustainable changes.  Addiction professionals often encourage patients to seek treatment out of state, sometimes on the other side of the country to break up their habits and distance themselves from what’s familiar.

Making resolutions stick

Every January millions make resolutions to exercise more, eat healthier and lose weight, yet by mid-February, most have lost momentum because our routines can so powerfully suck us back in.

At Summerland, we often hear from parents who are nervous to send their children to a program out of town, out of state or out of the country.  And while yes, it can be scary to have your child far away from home, it’s important to also realize the good this can do for them.

At Summerland, teens get to unplug and start living.  They have the opportunity to change, to start new friendships and new habits.  They get to try an activity they may have never done before, like cooking lessons or surfing.

Small pain, huge gain

When campers are feeling emotional or homesick they have the opportunity to grow and learn how to self-soothe without technological distractions or isolation.  They are able to recognize their emotions more, have different reactions and learn how to communicate and live with others, all important lessons that help prepare them for adulthood.

Stepping outside of our routines and home life makes it easier to focus on what we want to change and make a solid plan for what we will do differently back at home.  As parents, we have a tendency to keep our young close to the nest, but allowing them to test their wings in a safe environment helps them soar when they are ready.