Beyond Digital Detox | Our Value at Summerland

Digital Detox – What You Should Know

In today’s blog post we will discuss the value of Summerland Camps beyond a digital detox. Parents often seek out services at Summerland camps because they believe a digital detox is what their child needs.  However, how likely is it that a child will just fall back into the same routine if new habits and some amount of behavioral control is not also taught?  While habit formation begins with structure and guidance, practicing new behaviors is also critical.

By focusing on fun activities like ziplining, white water rafting, team sports, swimming, and typical camp activities- our campers participate in fun and engaging activities which takes their mind off the fact they are not playing video games or browsing the internet this summer.

The value of Summerland camps is so much more than just a digital detox. Our value is teaching campers how to use electronics in moderation with extends into controlling related behaviors including study habits and exercise.  Sometimes we find that our campers have behavioral issues beyond just playing with electronics. The core issue is really self-control or development of self-regulation skills- and the desire to change.

Beyond the Digital Detox

We teach our campers self-regulation skills through a set clinical curriculum.  Learning how to control behavioral habits is a few steps beyond a digital detox opportunity.  Fortunately, our camp was developed by clinical staff using peer-reviewed research on best practices in behavioral change. Campers learn how to set limits and monitor their behavior to ensure they comply with predetermined goals.

Most of all, campers develop intrinsic motivation to limit their electronic activity in order to pursue higher life goals. Through our family workshop and Aftercare programs, we can ensure your child success for years to come.