Aftercare at Summerland Camps

Aftercare at Summerland Camps

No one has ever been nagged into long-term behavioral change.  Summerland parents leave the family workshop with expert knowledge of how behavioral contracting works and how to best support thier child after camp.

Dr. Mike explains in the video below the basics of behavioral contracting and also provides tips on changing the family system.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of your child attending, please give us a call at 800-365-0556 or fill out our contact form here.

Best Boot Camp Alternative

Many parents look for “boot camps” online but don’t understand the therapeutic differences between boot camps and actual behavior change programs.  If your child is addicted to video games or social media, a program like Summerland Camps that is based on peer-reviewed scientific research will likely produce better outcomes than a punitive approach.

In the video, Dr. Mike explains the aftercare process and how aftercare is correlated with improved outcomes.