Setting Up Parental Controls For Gaming and Browsing Devices

It’s important to review the purpose of setting up parental controls with your child before you implement any of the controls below.  Setting up parental controls for any gaming system or internet-connected device alone without efforts to develop intrinsic motivation is a recipe for disaster.

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Setting up parental controls alone is a recipe for disaster. Help your child understand why digital media should be limited, and involve them in setting up a daily structure.

How to Approach the Subject

The implementation of structure can be a valuable tool to develop the attitude, mindset, and behaviors needed to successfully manage one’s use of technology.  Before setting up external controls, sit down with your child and have a discussion about limiting their use of digital media.  Ask your child for input on the amount of time they think is manageable in a day where they can still achieve desired academic, physical, or social goals.

Most parents are surprised to find that their kids do understand that only limited technology use will fit in their day.  The disconnect between insight and action occurs because kids often lack the self-regulation ability to set up a responsible daily structure.

This is where parental controls come into play.  After you have developed a reasonable schedule, and perhaps entered into a behavioral contract with your child which offers both Rewards and consequences for specifically targeted behaviors, then implementing parental controls are warranted.  Ultimately, a child must see the value in limiting their time and agree that achieving higher level goals are more important than endless gameplay or browsing.

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Why Setting Parental Controls Alone Does Not Work

As parents, our job is to prepare our children for the independence of adulthood.  If we simply take the strategy of putting external controls on gaming or internet-connected devices, we have done nothing to develop the child’s ability to self-regulate their gaming or browsing behavior independently.  Ultimately, developing a child’s ability to self-manage their use of technology for entertainment should be the primary focus.

Think about it- if you just limit your child’s use of technology at home, how likely will they be able to manage their use independently when they go off to college, or when they move out of the house and start their first job?

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