Low-Cost and Affordable Therapeutic Boarding School Alternative

Parents are often frustrated searching for a low-cost or affordable therapeutic boarding school alternatives. Typically, the cost of a therapeutic boarding school runs around $10,000 a month depending on therapeutic quality and services offered. Most families are priced out of therapeutic boarding schools due to the financial and length of stay commitment required.

If your child has issues related to the overuse of technology then we have good news for you. If your child’s anger, frustration, or social anxiety stems from video game overuse, social media or Internet overuse, there is high-quality option in Summerland Camps program hosted at Camp Pocono trails.

Summerland Camps offers and intensive two to eight week summer experience for video game addiction and related issues. Our qualified counselors offer self-esteem classes and Technology overuse group sessions. Campers participate in multiple therapeutic groups each and every week and leave with a set plan of how to reintegrate technology successfully back into their daily life.


Campers enjoy a variety of water sports at our private 350-acre lakefront campus.

Best Therapeutic Boarding School Alternative for Video Game Addiction

If your child’s issues stem from technology overuse, why pay the exorbitant price of a long-term therapeutic boarding school? Our positive focus program provides a reset from technology and helps campers develop an optimistic mindset about the future. The technology habit reversal program is focused on goal completion and how to match your daily behaviors and routine with your long-term goals.

Check out our video tour of the Summerland program at Camp Pocono Trails in Pennsylvania. 

Affordable Therapeutic Boarding School Alternatives

Summerland sessions typically run around $2,000 per week, which makes us competitive with the most affordable therapeutic boarding school alternatives. Additionally, campers leave with a set plan for success when they transition back home. Parents are provided the materials they need to support their camper back in the home environment and contribute to the long-term planning process.

Simply put, if you are looking for an affordable therapeutic boarding school or if you’re looking for an alternative to high price therapeutic boarding schools which require a long length of stay, you have found the right program with Summerland.

Please be aware that Summerland does not accept higher-level issues that would require psychiatric intervention such as psychosis, delusions, and or hallucinations. In general, our kids at camp simply need a reset experience in a positive environment filled with love and support. Our 350-acre campus provides traditional summer camp activities and over 101 sports, games, and physical activity opportunities including waterfront, ropes courses, tennis, golf, swimming, basketball, yoga, personal training and so much more.

Campers leave in the best physical and mental shape of their lives.

Value Components Summary

Summerland Camps offers the first and only summer camp environment for screen time overuse.  We help through licensed individual therapists and behavior coaches a scientifically based curriculum to address excessive internet gaming, X-Box, handheld device, social media, and virtual reality overuse.

There are other programs which claim to help address internet gaming addiction, social media overuse, and so on.  However, for most of these programs, it’s more of an afterthought, an add-on to their other therapy offerings.

We are unique in that screen time overuse is our primary focus, with social problems, frustration, anger and anxiety being related to the screen overuse habit.  We don’t just gloss over the digital media issue, we hit it head-on.

Our positive focus is as unique as our location.  Because we are rooted in self-monitoring methodology, we stay focused on creating goals and the behaviors it takes to achieve these goals.  We don’t see your kid as, “broken.”  They just have some bad habits, and habits can be unlearned, and new habits can be learned in their place.

Let’s face it- high-quality help is expensive, and Summerland Camps are not cheap.  However, there is no reason why you should spend $500+ per day with our competitors.  Do that math- are these programs paying their staff $500 a day?  Does it cost $500 a day to house and fee a child?  We charge a reasonable cost for a high-level service.  Our help through behavior coaching in lieu of high priced psychiatrists, and our process is superior to most, and our cost is as reasonable as it gets.

We focus on screen-based activities.  This generally means internally focused issues co-occur like anxiety, depression, and poor social skills.  A lot of our campers also have problems with ADD / ADHD, and could benefit from learning how to stay organized and work on goals.

Other programs claim to help with gaming overuse, but you risk mixing your child in with drugs, alcohol, bullying and violence issues.  Also, because other programs have such a wide focus, the therapy becomes quite diluted.