The Summerland Difference

The Summerland Difference

Aren’t most summer camps tech-free?

This is a question we at Summerland Camps hear often.  Can’t you just send your kid to any summer camp program and they will unplug for the summer?  While the answer is technically “yes,” the more important question is what’s your long-term solution?

Sending your child camping for several weeks is essentially just pausing their game.  While your child is likely to develop new interests and temporally reconnect with themselves, what really matters is whether the child will carry the changes home.  What is the point of sending your child off for several weeks if they return home and revert to their old habits?

Sustainable Changes

At Summerland Camps, we help families make sustainable changes.  So it’s not just unplugging for several weeks but learning how to be more present, demonstrate mindfulness, and how to have healthy boundaries with technology.  We teach our campers how to self-monitor and recognize when they are in unhealthy patterns.

At our family workshops, we help parents learn how to have positive communication with their child, instead of playing policeman.  Our goal is to assist your family in making feasible changes, in attitudes and behaviors that they can continue back at home.  And of course, this all happens in a fun, traditional camp environment, giving your child a true summer camp experience.

While yes your child will have to unplug to come to our program, we want all campers to leave with a bigger picture of what they want their “regular life” to look like and through our aftercare program are there to support them and their family.  Campers continue to support and encourage each other after camp, and campers can access staff they built a relationship with at camp for a period of time once they transition back home as well.  Continuing these relationships back to their home environment is key to long-term success.