Internet Addiction Treatment South Carolina Parents Trust: Our Belief

Internet addiction treatment in South Carolina families has become more of a necessity in contemporary society. Technology is everywhere and newer generations are relying on it in excess. We have created a summer camp experience for children and adolescents between the ages of 10 and 21 years old who overuse technology in the form of cell phones, video games, and other online digital media.

Summerland Camps use scientific research to be an effective summer camp for your child. Through research, we have found that complete abstinence of technology is not realistic. That is why we slowly incorporate “screen time” into your child’s life at our camp, monitor usage, and educate on the negative effects of excessive use.

Internet Addiction Treatment South Carolina Kids Love: How Can Families Be Involved?

Internet Addiction Treatment South Carolina

Internet Addiction Treatment solution for South Carolina families! (source)

We consider family involvement to be a crucial component to your child’s success. Scientific research has also proven parents to be key in this process because they are the major support system when the child returns home. The transition home is easier for children who have supportive parents.

We host family workshops at the conclusion of our internet addiction treatment South Carolina families prefer. An example of the schedule for our family workshop is:

Friday Afternoon Arrival

4:00 PM – Behavioral coaching family session with a counselor

6:00 PM – Dinner with your child

7:00 PM – After-dinner activity

8:00 PM – Return to hotel

Saturday Morning

8:00 AM – Breakfast with your child

9:00 AM – Family workshop session

11:00 AM – Camp Completion

Is your child currently seeing a therapist, psychologist, or counselor on video game, social media, or internet addiction treatment issues? We’d love to work together to help your child!

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How to Enroll

Ready to enroll your child into our fun and exciting internet addiction treatment South Carolina teens count on? You can find our application online. If you have questions on enrollment, please give us a call at (800) 867-2090.

A new and improved lifestyle, friendships, and hobbies are waiting for your child at Summerland Camps!

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