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Our internet addiction treatment Rhode Island parents trust is one of the best out there! We are a summer camp for children between the ages of 10 and 18 years old who use their cell phones, video games, and other online digital media in excess. We offer a science and adventure-based camp, which leads to our effectiveness.

Sending your child too far away for a summer camp can be very scary for parents. If our camp is too far of a drive and you prefer to have your child fly, we coordinate safe and reliable transportation from the airport to our campus.

Internet Addiction Treatment Rhode Island Kids Prefer: The Six Phases to Success

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We pride ourselves in our six phases to success at Summerland Camps. As your child moves from each phase, they are preparing themselves to take all of the skills they learned at our camp and apply them at home.

The first phase is a technology detox. Our focus here is to let your child have fun and develop new social interactions with the other campers.

The second phase is education. We present information to your child on the negative effects of too much “screen time.” We do this by watching movies and reading articles.

The third phase is skill building. Here, we work on social and recreational skills.

The fourth phase is insight and coping skills. In this phase, we focus on campers evaluating their behaviors and helping them make the correct decisions at the right time.

The fifth phase involves reintroducing technology. We know abstinence is not practical, so our campers receive their devices back towards the end of camp so that our counselors can monitor and further instruct on healthy usage.

The sixth and final phase is your camper having the tools necessary to transition home. Family workshops and aftercare are a couple of the services we provide to assist with your child’s success at home.

Is your child currently seeing a therapist, psychologist, or counselor on video games, social media, or internet addiction treatment issues? We’d love to work together to help your child!

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