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Summerland Camps is an internet addiction treatment Illinois parents trust aimed at campers who overuse video games, cell phones, and other digital media forms. We are an adventure based camp full of fun activities and games.

Today, children are relying more on technology to accomplish tasks and fill up their free time. The goal of this camp is to start early intervention so that change can happen and reflect positively on them as they grow older. We guarantee success at our internet addiction treatment Illinois kids love.

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Camp Phases at out Internet Addiction Treatment Illinois Teens Prefer

At Summerland Camps, we have six phases we believe in that attributes to the success of your child. Below is a brief description of each:

Phase 1: Technology Detox – We focus on making friends through team based activities and competitions. Our goal here is to have fun!

Phase 2: Education – Our campers will be educated on the negative effects that too much “screen time” can have on them.

Phase 3: Skill Building – In this phase, campers work on increasing their social and recreational skills.

Phase 4: Insight and Coping Skills – Here, we focus on helping the camper think about their behaviors and make the right decision in the right moment.

Phase 5: Technology Re-Introduction – We know abstinence from technology is not realistic so we do offer their devices back and monitor the camper’s usage.

Phase 6: Home Transition – This phase places campers in role play situations they may experience while at home. Family workshops and aftercare are important services we offer to help with the parental component.

Internet Addiction Treatment Illinois IL

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