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Summerland Camps’ focus is on internet addiction treatment helps teens and young adults from Idaho. Summerland campers learn how to successfully manage the constant distractions of screen-based technologies. The focus is on developing self-regulation skills in a positive, uplifting environment, while also learning about the potential harm of unchecked screen time. Our unique camp settings are the perfect backdrop to develop self-esteem, build social skills, and try out new, exciting activities detached from screens.

Gone are the days in which you see children playing in the streets with their friends. Nowadays, children are so engulfed in technology that their social skills suffer as well. At Summerland Camps, we can help your child develop new hobbies, interests, skills, and new friendships all while having fun at the same time.


Internet Addiction Treatment Idaho

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Internet Addiction Treatment Idaho Kids Love: The Facts

According to Business Insider 2017, 53% of college students admit that their academics were put on hold because of video games. Additionally, 30% of students drop out of college their first year because they are unable to deal with unstructured time. Another statistic is that 51% of men with low skills in their 20’s reside with a parent and spend 75% of their free time playing video games.

These statistics are shocking, and Summerland Camps’ focus is on improving these numbers through our internet addiction treatment Idaho teens prefer. Starting at a younger age helps with change and continuing a healthy lifestyle as these children get older. Early intervention is the key!

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We guarantee a summer full of fun and adventure for your loved one. If you are interested in enrolling your child, you can do so online. Our representatives are just a phone call away at (800) 867-2090 if you have any questions or concerns along the way.

We look forward to meeting your child and experiencing unforgettable memories this summer!

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Why Idaho Teens Are Vulnerable to Internet Addiction:

Developmental Vulnerability: Adolescence is a critical period of development, during which the brain is still maturing. The reward center of the brain, responsible for pleasure and decision-making, undergoes significant changes. This makes teenagers more susceptible to addictive behaviors, including excessive internet use.

Peer Pressure: Peer influence plays a significant role in a teenager’s life. The desire to fit in and be accepted by peers can lead teens to engage in excessive online activities, as many social interactions now occur on the internet.

Easy Accessibility: Smartphones and internet-enabled devices are readily available to teenagers, making it easy for them to spend hours online without parental supervision.

Internet Addiction and the Importance of Seeking Treatment Now:

Academic and Social Impairment: Internet addiction can lead to poor academic performance, social isolation, and strained relationships with family and friends. Getting treatment early can prevent these negative consequences from becoming entrenched.

Physical and Mental Health Risks: Excessive screen time is associated with physical health problems such as sleep disturbances, obesity, and eye strain. It also poses mental health risks, including depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Prompt treatment can mitigate these risks.

Prevention of Escalation: Internet addiction tends to worsen over time if left untreated. Early intervention can stop the addiction from spiraling out of control and becoming even harder to treat.

Improved Quality of Life: Treatment for internet addiction helps teens regain control of their lives, reestablish healthy relationships, and rediscover offline interests and hobbies. It ultimately leads to a better quality of life.

Internet addiction in teenagers is a pressing issue in today’s digital world, and its consequences can be severe if left unaddressed. Parents, caregivers, and educators must be vigilant in recognizing the signs of internet addiction and seek treatment promptly. With early intervention and the right support, teenagers can regain control of their lives, improve their overall well-being, and develop healthy offline habits. Don’t wait—getting treatment for internet addiction in teens now is crucial for their future success and happiness.

The Summerland Internet Addiction Treatment Process:

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