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Summerland Camps offers internet addiction treatment California parents trust. Over the years, children and teenagers have relied more on technology and the internet and less on physical activity, building friendships, and developing new hobbies that do not involve a computer screen, television, phone, or video game.

Summerland Camps is aimed at children between the ages of 10 and 18 years old and is based out of North Carolina and also California. We are an adventure-based camp in that we provide a variety outdoor activities, sports, and team challenges to keep your young child’s interest.

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Behavioral Coaching at our Internet Addiction Treatment California Kids Prefer

At Summerland Camps, we have only the most qualified and experienced staff. Our behavioral coaches host insight-building groups that every camper must participate in. The topics of these groups include health habits, journaling, setting goals, and changing behaviors in a positive manner.

These behavioral coaches lead various activities to help campers understand the harmful effects of too much technology in their lives and discover the benefit of participating in other productive hobbies. The focus of each of these groups is for the camper to grasp the negative aspects of “screen time” in how it relates to them educationally, occupationally, and socially.

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Internet Addiction Treatment California

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