Summerland Camps: Internet Addiction Treatment Arizona Families Count On

Summerland camps provides internet addiction treatment Arizona parents choose. In today’s day and age, a growing number of adolescent boys and girls have become submerged in a world of digital media. Continuous overuse of smartphones, personal electronic devices, home PCs, and gaming systems, have left many children and teens vulnerable to digital media addiction.

If your child has a problem with technology overuse, Summerland Camps is here to help! We offer video game, smartphone, and internet addiction treatment Arizona families continue to trust and depend on.

Our Internet Addiction Treatment Arizona Residents Excel at: How We Do It

At the core of our program are professional behavioral coaches and therapists who want nothing more than to see your child succeed. Our dedicated and passionate staff bring years of experience to the table, providing an overwhelming amount of life lessons, knowledge, skills, and training for your child to feast on, enabling them to become successful independent adults.

Summerland camps is unique in that we are the first and only summer camp to offer programs targeting digital media overuse.

Our programs, including internet addiction treatment Arizona parents rely on, put an emphasis on four areas of change:

Motivation: Campers must set goals for themselves and strive to achieve them. We push to motivate campers from within, promoting new personal outlook, ideas, and behaviors – all essential for positive change to occur.

Planning and Tracking: Opportunity arises through activity and social involvement. Campers are taught to plan out their day, maximizing potential to achieve goals, making the most of each and every hour in a given day.

Developing Strategies: The catalyst to change is establishing a personal identity. We help campers identify who they are and support them in developing strategies to achieve their own personal growth.

Practicing Skills: We practice what we preach! We aim to send your child home armed with the ammunition necessary to combat addiction and continue on a positive path to success.

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Find out more about our internet addiction treatment Arizona families trust. We accept enrollments from Arizona and around the nation!  Don’t let your child continue to slip down the very slippery slope that is digital media overuse!

All too often, internet addiction and digital media overuse go unnoticed, leaving children susceptible to a number of biopsychosocial illnesses. Contact us today for more information about how we can help your child! We look forward to speaking with you.

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Best option for video games or smartphone overuse habits - internet Addiction Treatment Arizona AZ Photo credit

Best option for video games or smartphone overuse habits – internet Addiction Treatment Arizona AZ Photo credit