Reset and Repair Family Relationships – A Summer Camp for Youth Ages 7-21.

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We provide an effective and affordable “reset” to relationships with family, friend, and habits including technology and gaming overuse.

Help your Child Find Their Path in Life

At Summerland Camps adolescents and teens learn how to manage relationships: relationships with family, friends, and temptations and distractions of life.  Let’s face it- as parents, we won’t always be there to set limits on our kids.  We simply must help them develop the skills needed to manage life without our supervision.

Summerland Camps help camper get back in touch with who they really are.  We provide a reset on all relationships while participating in fun and engaging activities.  Campers spend the summer moving, socializing, and reconnecting with nature.

Campers interact with a “tribe” at camp completing challenges where everyone must work together.  These challenges require participation from all tribe members.  If a camper does not interact, they will be called out by the group.  It’s through this structure of team interactions that staff can work with your child in the moment to question thinking, develop coping skills, and develop insight.

Best of all, your child will leave Summerland Camps with the experience and muscle memory of interacting in more positive ways.  We will help your child develop the skills they need to be successful in life.

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The Summerland Difference

Our clinical methodology is based on a coaching approach.  We help campers discover their life calling, through classes on organizational skills and goal setting, they learn how to become highly self-regulated in their behaviors.  In other words, campers learn how to balance their recreational time spent playing video games with higher level life pursuits.

Campers also learn practical strategies to stay on track with their commitment to change.  We educate campers on how to set technology limits, how to avoid temptations to overuse the internet especially when bored or frustrated, and what to do if they get off track.

All campers participate in group discussions and individual therapy sessions.  Therapists act “in the moment” to develop insight and practice new ways of coping.

Making Sure the Changes Stick

When camp is over, we don’t just say, “see you later.”  We first prepare for the transition home by long-term planning.  We also role play difficult situations so that when the camper returns home, they have some actual muscle memory of resolving a difficult interaction in a positive manner.

At our Family Workshop, we help parents set up the home environment for a successful transition.  Parents learn how to respond to the camper’s frustrations, anxieties, and even falling off track.  We do role plays at the family workshop and parents receive a scientific presentation on internet addiction treatment.  We also help parents prepare a behavioral contract with their child that outlines expectations, rewards, and consequences for daily responsibilities and internet browsing.

Our Aftercare service involves a weekly check-in with the camper and a monthly check-in with the parents.  Campers also access online resources and communicate in a moderated online chat area for Summerland campers where they can also interact outside of this chat area for a larger community of people who have made the decision to quit playing video games and endlessly browsing the internet.  Our chat area is the largest online community of people who have limited their online activities with members in over 80 countries!

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