Gain self-awareness with self-monitoring

Gain self-awareness with self-monitoring

In our modern world, we have everything at our fingertips: information, the ability to record every second of our lives, and a constant running to-do list. For many of us, these technological advances that are supposed to make our life easier actually provide a great distraction.

Smartphones are supposed to help us get more done, yet we are often exhausted and at the end of the day wonder where the time has gone as we scroll again through a news feed.  Learning to self-monitor our daily routine and journal is a powerful tool that can help us we can focus and set direction.

The Positive Power of Journaling

At Summerland, we teach our campers how to keep a handwritten journal where they can express their feelings and keep track of goals they are working towards. This empowers teens to take ownership of their own behavior and the choices that they make.

Physically writing down goals and figuring out how to achieve them helps them helps the goal become more realistic.  This process also allows problem-solving as campers figure out how to progress towards their set goals.  Journaling also gives campers instant daily feedback on how they are progressing.

It can be a powerful process to help a child go back in their journal and see the progress they’ve made, or how to examine how they have changed.  It also allows a set time each day to focus on one activity and dialing in with your emotions and how you’re feeling, something that is often overlooked in our modern world.

While it may sound simple or old-fashioned, journaling is a common behavioral therapy practice that is easy and effective for most people.  To learn more about our therapeutic aspect towards behavioral changes please call us today.