Video Game Addiction Boot Camp

Video Game Addiction Boot Camp

Looking to change your child’s video game or cell phone overuse habits?  You’ve found the right place!  When you send your child to Summerland Camps you can stop being the policeman over your child’s technology use.  We help camper learn how to set their own limits.
Parents frequently call Summerland camps looking for a video game addiction boot camp.  At Summerland we really don’t like the term “boot camp” as a boot camp is generally something more punitive in nature.  What we do is help young people count the costs of playing endless hours of video games to develop the desire to change.  We do this in a nurturing, supportive environment.

Video Game Addiction Boot Camp – Pay Now or Pay Later

Most parents have tried punishment to deal with video game addiction or cell phone addiction. And in most cases, even the most severe punishment has not produced the results parents want. Young people are very sophisticated and know how to bypass parental controls, or somehow access games, social media, or whatever online activities they prefer.
The other problem with boot camps is that they don’t address the underlying issue. The underling issue is almost always the child’s inability to see future consequences of spending so much time with electronics. As adults, we can clearly see that the child is headed for disaster if they go off to college or otherwise leave the house with no ability to turn off their gaming or online systems.

Therapy or Punishment – Weigh the Options

While a video game addiction boot camp or cell phone boot camp is what parents often search for, we provide a more clinically sophisticated option which provides opportunities to build intrinsic motivation to change.
Let’s get real, is it practical to punish your child into submission when we know there is only a limited amount of time in which they will remain in the home? No, punishment is only a temporary solution. A child simply has to develop the internal desire two engage in other activities such as homework, study, or other forms of learning to lift them up to where they need to be in life.
Without an internal drive to become successful in life, a child is certainly doomed for failure. No successful person was punished or controlled into success. In every case, successful people have an internal desire to become the best at whatever they chose. This is quite simply what we do at Summerland camps. We help kids with video game addictions, cell phone addictions, and other online addictions discover who they really are.
If you are looking for a video game addiction Boot Camp or a cell phone addiction boot camp, you have come to the right place.