Summer camp for video game addiction

Summer camp for video game addiction

Summerland camps is the very first summer camp for video game addiction treatment. Parents often don’t know where to turn because the concept of treating video game addiction is new to the therapeutic community.

Why Video Game Addiction Summer Camp Works

Practitioners often don’t know how to approach the problem because 12-step models do not apply to electronic or technology addictions. In modern society, it is just not reasonable to expect a child to completely write off technology, video games, or the use of the internet.

At Summerland Camps, we start by having and Incredibly fun summer and provide a detox opportunity. As the first summer camp for video game addiction we have pioneered a unique approach.

Our Approach

We believe that the best approach is creating a positive environment where young people are inspired and uplifted to reach new goals apart from video games. All we do is focus on video game or technology addiction.  We don’t accept kids with active drug addictions, violent tendencies or serious mental health problems.

Simultaneously, we work on everything that co-occurs with video game addiction. Summerland Camps combine help with developing new interests, catching up on social opportunities and social skills, and can even include (when appropriate) help with basic physical fitness and self-care skills.

To read more about or program for effecting positive change, go here.

Effective Summer Camp for Video Game Addiction

Sometimes kids come to our video game addiction summer camp with the belief that they are just not good at anything else other than video games. Our mission at Summerland Camps is to show campers that they can take the same learning processes, determination, and strategies they’ve used to become good at video games to develop abilities in other areas.

This is why Summerland Camps combine adventure based activities, sports, hobbies, and so much more into a jam-packed summer of fun and adventure