Gaming Addiction or Gaming Habit?

Is this a Gaming Addiction Camp or Gaming Habit Camp?

Parents often ask us if gaming can be a true addiction.  Typically, addiction involves tolerance, withdraw, and psychotropic effects.  In this regard, gaming can be an addiction.

However, we like to take a different approach with our campers.  We offer a gaming addiction summer camp but see the problem as a “habit” which can be changed.  For example, we ask campers what habits they may have had in the past.  Perhaps you had a habit of watching Sesame Street as a child.  Or you had a habit where you called a particular friend every evening.  Habits change over time, and we can help campers replace game time habits with more productive pursuits.

Our clinical approach is unique as well in that we believe campers are best influenced for change by staying positive and having fun.  We are not a boot camp nor do we think forcing a child to make a change will be effective.

Instead, we help the camper understand the effect screen time habits have on their school work, family, and future goals.  We help them create goals and work with them on developing behaviors to achieve their dreams.

Gaming Addiction Summer Camp

We offer a scientifically supported behavior change program for help with internet gaming addiction.  We are the first gaming addiction summer camp created in the US.  Our qualified behavior coaches and therapists work with the campers to create new goals and lifestyle change.  We provide corrective experiences designed to build insight and teach coping skills.